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Tam McGrubor is a member of the Zoological Magic Institute[1] who hands out wicked hoods to members, regardless of their skill levels. He can be found just outside the Runecrafting tutor area in north-east Burthorpe. When talking to him he will also explain some basic details about how the Runecrafting skill works. He will not give you a second hood if you already have one. If the hood is lost, he will give you a new hood for free. (You can reclaim wicked hood even if you have another one along with full wicked set in your POH armour case.)

It is mentioned in a game FAQ that "You want to wear the Wicked hood. You want others to wear it. Soon, everyone will be wearing one. Tam is pleased. Tam's plans come to fruition."[source needed]

Despite Tam's surname, he is not the owner of McGrubor's Wood, although he did once hide out in it.[2]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tam McGrubor used to be located in Varrock until 31 January 2012, at which point he got moved to Burthorpe in accordance with the new Troll Warzone tutorial.

References[edit | edit source]

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