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Untitled[edit source]

Anyone think it's possible they're trying to reach the Evil Freneskae Deity? They are opening a portal to Freneskae, and NOT the realm where the Gods of Gielinor currently reside.........


The portal.[edit source]

The elves say that they want to open this portal to Zamorak's World... InFate of the Gods, The World Gate is revealed to be in Arandar, a place in the elven lands. We are destined to go to Freneskae in that quest. Zamorak's homeworld! Omfg it makes so sense now!

However the Dark Lord they are wanting to return is still unclear. Mod Mark said that Zaros's ghost is currently in Freneskae. Their lord's name begins with a Z. Could Zaros be the darklord they want? O_o --— Gamefreak776 (talk) 21:25, March 18, 2014 (UTC)