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This talk page is for discussing the Wyvern crossbow page.

Drop rate[edit source]

The 1/2048 drop rate appears to be misinformation. Based on the [http:// reference] given, someone made the wrong calculation.

The droprate currently looks like this (total number of wyverns killed on day one/total number of crossbow drops in week one).

It should look this instead (total number of wyverns killed in week one/total number of crossbow drops in week one)

This  reference shows the total wyvern kills for week one(while the other reference gave information on how many bows were dropped in week 1.

Combining these two references,this gives the correct approximate droprate of (1,255,542/122=10291) or 1/10291.

The droprate should be edited to the new value or it should be removed all together to prevent misinformation.

Auriga007 (talk) 16:16, November 16, 2015 (UTC)

Drop rate information is incorrect, citing a youtube video with a single drop vs. number of kills to obtain. More accurate information can be found on the RS forum (,16,761,65706388 or quickfind code: ), in which mod asherz gives a sample size from the first two weeks of release, 1.8m wyvern kills. There were 169 wyvern bow drops in that time, indicating that the true drop rate is closer to 1:10,000 (although it appears slightly fewer than expected dropped, likely due to random chance on rolls, folks giving up after a few kills, etc.). This should be fixed.

Price Rise[edit source]

I added the following line to trivia "The wyvern crossbow tripled in price following the release of a video by Youtuber Maikeru RS arguing that it was superior to the Noxious Longbow in certain situations" while i understand why it was reverted I still think it is a relevant and important event in the history of this item. how could i word it to be compliant with applicable policies. I read the trivia policy so I know it needs to be in its own "price history section" but is that enough or do i need to also format the sentence differently. Retroambassador (talk) 21:08, 3 January 2021 (UTC)