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This talk page is for discussing the Warpriest of Zamorak gauntlets page.

tier 1 2 3 / level 25 50 75[edit source]

I've just noticed jagex wrote "tier 1/2/3" on the different levels of the warpriest armours in the skill advance guide for defence, thereby causing the confusion about the definition of tiers by themselves.

Therefore, I can no longer object to calling them tiers here. 19:14, October 11, 2013 (UTC)

Got it from a Werewolf[edit source]

I was is Canifis just a moment ago, fighting the local werewolves, and I got one of these. Of course, it will take some testing, as I killed about two-four dozen of the creatures before these things popped up under the loot, as it were- of course, it would make sense, in a manner of speaking. Alockwood1 (talk) 00:39, April 27, 2014 (UTC)

Further more, I had fought on the side of Sardamin, never switched sides, and yet a still got them. However, I do have a set from Armydal, which might explain things. Alockwood1 (talk) 00:43, April 27, 2014 (UTC)
Fighting for Armadyl during the second world event has no connection to Saradomin. And you can receive all warpriest armour pieces regardless of which god you served. Quite curious that Werewolves outside of the GWD would drop warpriest pieces; would the same be true for imps, bloodvelds, goblins, ...? Although I'd be more likely to report it as a bug, it seems unintended. IP83.101.44.209 (talk) 03:58, April 27, 2014 (UTC)
Maybe I just got lucky. Or maybe its one of those Rare things. I don't know, as I'm sure I got it fair and square. Alockwood1 (talk) 15:37, April 27, 2014 (UTC)
I received them from a werewolf too.  Never have done this Battle of Lumbridge thing and never went to GWD.  This happened just a few days ago. 07:14, July 9, 2014 (UTC)