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Against other Dagannoth creatures?[edit source]

These also do extra damage against other dagannoth creatures, or just 'sakis? 17:19, September 20, 2011 (UTC)

  • I have reason to believe they do work on dagganoth but had trouble hitting on them. To sum up my tests, I hit a 308, which according to tip it was my max with the boosts I had, but it wasn't an orange splat. I did manage to hit a 310 in an orange splat, but no other orange splats. So since the min max splat (while using potions and void with no prayer I believe) was above what the said max was for that fansite, I would assume it also works on dagganoths. However, they changed how max hits work now so that test can't be compared to further tests. Someone does need to test this further, but based on my luck on hitting them I think someone needs to try on prime, the only dagganoth truly weak to range. Also prime would be the main use for the bolts so if they don't work on him, they wouldn't be worth using since others seem rather resistant. Bio 02:46, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
The max hit formula is not exact - it is known to vary by up to 5 lifepoints in either direction with melee/ranged. Quest.png Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 07:24, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • Yes, that is true. But this was before the max hit update, so a 2 life point difference should have still be a max hit. The fact it hit several hits 308 and lower but only the 1 310 I hit in over 100 shots showed in orange is a bit odd. Also, considering abyssal bolts do work on all abyssal creatures and not just demons does show that the examines aren’t exact. I'm not saying that they do work on dagganoths, but it is possible since my tests really didn't prove either way. Unfortunately I am not good with kings, so I doubt will be one to test of prime, which I think I only place you can truly confirm. Bio 12:39, October 6, 2011 (UTC)