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This talk page is for discussing the Varrock Sewers resource dungeon page.

Untitled[edit source]

Would Sign of Porter make be another Bank Methold? For this Resource Dungeon Wikitalk  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ThreadEditor (talk) on 00:58, January 30, 2014‎ (UTC).

If its in the list of items, yes. R.S. <- those are really my initials, not runescape xd  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 17:52, November 13, 2014 (UTC).

99 Slayer cape for Magic Trees[edit source]

It is worth noting that a 99 Slayer cape can teleport to Vannaka then to Mandrith in Edgeville banking this resource dungeon fairly close to a bank, kind of198.204.221.30 21:50, 30 May 2019 (UTC)TRPG

Safe spots?[edit source]

The article mentions that there are safe spots, but the only creatures in the dungeon are moss giants, who can attack with ranged. Do the safe spots actually provide any protection at all? Oshtur (talk) 17:35, 24 May 2020 (UTC)