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Price rise on Grand Exchange[edit source]

I'm sort of curious.... why is it that unstrung symbols have climbed up in value this summer on the Grand Exchange? I just noticed this price rise and can't figure out where the value comes from. --Robert Horning 05:48, September 6, 2009 (UTC)

A possible reason is someone "buy low sell high", intending to cut the supply in order to raise the price of them, and then sell them out. This pheonmeon will disappear within a week and price will crash. Rewlf2 08:05, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
I have checked the official prices record. Possibly due to a merchant clan, the unstrung symbol had been mass-bought from 28 July, and someone mass-sold silver ores or bars between 6-10 July, causing somedrop in these two but not the symbol price. But since too many players bought the unstrung symbols, many of them couldn't sell them and the price stayed very tight to the upper limit. This pheonmeon also caused the price of silver ore and bar to be pulled up. I think the price will not crash, withdrawing my previous speech, since the production of unstrung symbols is not very quick in Runescape (The price of silver ore and bar is still higher than unstrung symbol, that is usual because people would try ways to earn money). Rewlf2 10:03, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
I just completed crafting 4k unstrung symbols from an account that I've been using for testing training methods. I had the excess coins, so for me I was willing to take the whole lot of 4k silver ores as a complete loss if necessary, as I was trying to train crafting and didn't care. Keep in mind that at the current price of these on the GE that represents almost 1m coins. In the past when I've dumped that much onto the GE for something this over valued, it took weeks or even months to get rid of the whole bunch that I've made (yes, I have that kind of patience, and I've driven down the price of more than a few items on the Grand Exchange in this manner... just trying to get rid of stuff).
What surprised me was that all 4k that I made sold in about 2 hours. Hey, I'll take the money if some other schmuck wants to take it off my hands. If they find value in collecting this stuff, they can have it.
The point being, somebody is buying this stuff, and the reason isn't perfectly clear. I suspect it is in part due to merchant clans, but the real reason is junk. This is a commonly made item in large numbers for training purposes, and for junk traders there is a strong reason to want to keep the GE price on this high and maintained. Keeping this price high allows players to circumvent trade restrictions and purchase things in a hurry (or sell things) when the "street" price significantly differs from the GE price. Yes, that does happen, and unfortunately happens far too often. Death runes are one of those situations right now, where people are begging to buy death runes at values well above the current GE price.
This just seems a bit funny to me, and it is strange that such a mundane item like this would be treated in this manner by the merchant clans. More power to them! --Robert Horning 16:57, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
By some means, you indicate that for people to propose unfair trading, many of the junk items are driven up, sacrifacing sum of money for large-scale trading? Or does it also mean a way to enhance real-world trading in small scales? Sorry for deleting, I just read the junk trading passage. Rewlf2 17:59, September 9, 2009 (UTC)
There isn't "unfair" trading in most cases. It may be trade in consideration of other things, like real-world money, but that is not really the issue here. What is happening is that the Grand Exchange, in spite of its promise, often doesn't allow players to obtain the items that they want for the price they are willing to pay for them. When that happens, other forms of a medium of exchange develop. This can, BTW, include real world money by itself and still be perceived by everybody else as a "balanced trade".
What I'm trying to say is that unstrung symbols have become that alternative currency, as it can be traded to get around price blocks. A great many players have these, and for merchants it is to their advantage to not only try and raise the price of these items, but to maintain this price as well. I really need to write an article for the RuneScape Wiki Post and address more of these thoughts. --Robert Horning 22:46, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

De-linking articles[edit source]

While there certainly is some similarity between a Holy symbol and an Unholy symbol, as per RS:GRAN these articles along with the preliminary steps along the way like this article need to be separated as well. These are different items, and it would really simplify the text on this page. --Robert Horning 12:12, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

I agree. Unstrung symbols and Unstrung emblems are two completely different items and should be treated as such. Heck, I honestly did not even know Unstrung emblem was here until I was looking around and trying to figure out why you wanted to move Unstrung symbol to Unstrung emblem. Piconoe 01:05, December 24, 2009 (UTC)
I just went ahead and took the liberty of separating them myself, seeing as it was not only ungodfully tacky, it was against most of the quality standards here. Do you combine Unstrung sapphire amulets with unstrung emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, and onyx amulets cause they are all the same thing, just different gemstones? I mean, they are all made from gold and the corresponding gemstone in a furnace while holding an amulet mould. They can all be strung with a ball of wool. They can all be enchanted after that using the corresponding magic to make special enchanted amulets. Piconoe 01:16, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

Alright then, seems one of the other admins doesn't like them being separate. Let's go over RS:GRAN and see what it says.

1. Does Unstrung symbol have the same purpose/use as Unstrung emblem?
2. Can Unstrung symbol be substituted with Unstrung emblem?
1. Yes, Unstrung symbols are made out of silver and the corresponding mould, just like my example above with unstrung gem amulets.
2. No, you cannot use an Unholy mould and get an Unstrung symbol. You cannot combine an Unstrung symbol with a Ball of wool to get an Unpowered symbol.
Now, sure one of them was Yes, but the other was a big, fat No. And what else has this combination of 1. Yes, 2. No? Why my good friend and previous example, the Unstrung amulet. It is 100% the same situation. The only difference between all those Unstrung amulets are their gemstone. Just like the only difference between Unstrung symbols and Unstrung emblems are, I don't know, the entire look of them, the god they worship, the mould they use, the person who enchants them, the book used to do a personal enchant. Nothing about them are the same except the ingredients and similarities of the steps. Now, an admin immediately reverted my edit, so I have one question for him. What was your reasoning. When it comes to the content added to the articles, the admin is not above the user. The admin only keeps the wiki up to standards and makes sure that no one brings false information, and no one trolls the wiki. You are just as prone to giving reason for your actions on situations as this just as us users are. I am bringing evidence out the ass here and you are just reverting people's work willy-nilly without a word. So, please, at least BOTHER giving a single line of reasoning at least, or else I actually will contact the other admins about your actions and see what they think. Thank you. Piconoe 01:34, December 24, 2009 (UTC)
I have reverted the admin's reversion. Per RS:G, both of these articles should be separate, which is how they are now. Thankyou for bringing this to my attention. Carry on fixing the links and stuff now Smile Cheers, Chicken7 >talk 14:23, January 11, 2010 (UTC)