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Best Method for Obtaining[edit source]

not exavcly sure where i should put this but i find the most efficient way of obtaining ugune seeds to be through jadinko lair

Requirements: 83 woodcuting and firemaking (to cut and burn curly roots) or 80 slayer

79 hunter (to catch a Camouflaged jadinko)

80 construction or 150,000 gp

all these skills can be boosted

A juju hunting potion

1) Accumulate a fairly large number of favour points in the Jadinko lair (1000+). Cutting and burning curly roots if by far the fastest way of doing this. If you do not have the firemaking level you may simply chop mutated vines. If you prefer combat over skilling you may want to kill the mutated jadinkos (80 slayer reqired for the lowest)

2) Catch a Camouflaged jadinko and obtain a striped vine

3) Set up your herblore habitat to attract Draconic jadinko (red vine blossom, lergberry bush, and a dark pit)

4) Pay Papa Mambo to ward off common jadinkos (only 1 striped vine is needed. 15 minutes is more than enough)

5) use your juju hunter potion on your red vine blossom.

you will now have ONLY draconic jadinkos in your habbitat. This is Key

6) now you are ready to turn in your jadinko lair points.

Be sure to choose the seeds and teleport bags option

how many does this method give?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 21:43, January 28, 2013.
Just did this using 1640 points, gave 11 Ugune seeds (among some other herb seeds). ~First Two Weeks 09:18, December 13, 2013 (UTC)