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This talk page is for discussing the Travelling Merchant's Shop page.

Shop stock[edit source]

Both the dragonkin lamp and starved ancient effigy are possible to obtain through the store, and have been since release. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 14:53, May 2, 2018 (UTC)

anima crystal[edit source]

has anyone seen anime crystal post release?

-- 19:47, May 6, 2018 (UTC)

Yes, today. :) Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 11:16, May 7, 2018 (UTC)

History and pattern[edit source]

This section assumes the permanent uncharted island map is not considered a 'slot' (or consider it 'slot 0' if you wish).

I was curious to see if a pattern could be identified for the items on sale. Somehow I vaguely remembering a reddit thread where a JMod said it had a full cycle of somewhere around 50 or 70 weeks; but I cannot find it again.

Anyhow, I dug into the page history and copied the stock from each day into a spreadsheet... until I got bored. Putting the table I came up with here, so it's not lost (and anyone who cares to continue filling it, please be my guest).

(Before 11/03/2018 I wasn't sure if the order of the items was correct, so I did not include those revisions.)

Date Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
11/03/2018 VIP VIP Lamp
12/03/2018 Damage Damage Lamp
13/03/2018 Reaper Reaper Taijitu
14/03/2018 Fishbowl Small gift Lamp
15/03/2018 Anima crystal Air rune Dart
16/03/2018 Small gift Fishing rod Trisk
17/03/2018 Small goebie Med goebie Dart
18/03/2018 Med gift Anima Lamp
19/03/2018 Anima Clay Large gift
20/03/2018 Small goebie Down Wildcard
21/03/2018 Daily D&D Fishbowl Wildcard
22/03/2018 VIP Small goebie Wildcard
23/03/2018 Clay VIP Large gift
24/03/2018 Pulse Damage Reward
25/03/2018 Fishbowl Fishing rod Monthly D&D
26/03/2018 Air rune Small gift Large gift
27/03/2018 Pulse Small gift Reward
28/03/2018 Reaper Livid Dust
29/03/2018 Fishbowl Air rune Lamp
30/03/2018 Fishing rod Reaper Taijitu
31/03/2018 Small gift Clay Trisk
01/04/2018 Small goebie Pulse Trisk
02/04/2018 Med gift Damage Lamp
03/04/2018 Clay Small goebie Trisk
04/04/2018 Small goebie Small goebie Wildcard
05/04/2018 Daily D&D Daily D&D Weekly D&D
06/04/2018 Clay Clay Trisk
07/04/2018 Anima Fishbowl Bottle
08/04/2018 Pulse Anima Reward
09/04/2018 Reaper Down Taijitu
10/04/2018 Air rune Pulse Large gift
11/04/2018 Fishing rod Barrel Large gift
12/04/2018 Reaper Barrel Dust
13/04/2018 Fishbowl Med gift Effigy
14/04/2018 Fishing rod Anima Taijitu
15/04/2018 Small goebie Air rune Dust
16/04/2018 Small goebie Small gift Trisk
17/04/2018 Med gift Daily D&D Effigy
18/04/2018 Clay Down Trisk
19/04/2018 Anima Reaper Effigy
20/04/2018 Daily D&D Reaper Weekly D&D
21/04/2018 VIP Med goebie Weekly D&D
22/04/2018 Anima Small gift Bottle
23/04/2018 Down VIP Weekly D&D
24/04/2018 Fishbowl Barrel Large gift
25/04/2018 Air rune Med gift Taijitu
26/04/2018 Fishing rod Livid Large gift
27/04/2018 Barrel Air rune Weekly D&D
28/04/2018 Fishbowl Fishbowl Effigy
29/04/2018 Fishing rod Fishing rod Dust
30/04/2018 Small goebie Small goebie Dust
01/05/2018 Barrel Clay Dust
02/05/2018 Med gift Reaper Effigy
03/05/2018 Clay Med goebie Wildcard
04/05/2018 Small gift Med gift Lamp
05/05/2018 Livid VIP Effigy
06/05/2018 Clay VIP Wildcard
07/05/2018 Anima Damage Monthly D&D
08/05/2018 Down Barrel Weekly D&D
09/05/2018 Air rune Small gift Bottle
10/05/2018 Air rune Fishbowl Taijitu
11/05/2018 Fishing rod Anima crystal Taijitu
12/05/2018 Barrel Med goebie Weekly D&D
13/05/2018 Reaper Clay Taijitu
14/05/2018 Fishing rod Clay Dust
15/05/2018 Small goebie Pulse Dart
16/05/2018 Reaper Fishbowl Taijitu
17/05/2018 Med goebie Small goebie Reward
18/05/2018 Clay Air rune Wildcard
19/05/2018 Anima Fishing rod Bottle
20/05/2018 Livid Anima crystal Effigy
21/05/2018 Air rune Anima Effigy
22/05/2018 Anima Anima Monthly D&D
23/05/2018 Down Down Large goebie
24/05/2018 Air rune Air rune Bottle
25/05/2018 VIP Barrel Monthly D&D
26/05/2018 Fishing rod VIP Taijitu
27/05/2018 Barrel Pulse Large goebie
28/05/2018 Reaper Fishing rod Taijitu
29/05/2018 Med goebie Small gift Large goebie
30/05/2018 Small goebie Small gift Dart
31/05/2018 Barrel Livid Dart
01/06/2018 Med goebie VIP Reward
02/06/2018 Anima Reaper Dart
03/06/2018 Small gift Anima Effigy
04/06/2018 Livid Down Bottle
05/06/2018 Air rune Damage Effigy
06/06/2018 Clay Barrel Dart
07/06/2018 Down Small goebie Large goebie
08/06/2018 Air rune Med gift Monthly D&D
09/06/2018 VIP Clay Monthly D&D
10/06/2018 Damage Fishbowl Monthly D&D
11/06/2018 Barrel Small gift Large goebie
12/06/2018 Reaper Livid Dust
13/06/2018 Anima crystal Down Weekly D&D
14/06/2018 Small gift Reaper Large goebie
15/06/2018 Reaper Reaper Dust
16/06/2018 Med goebie Med goebie Lamp
17/06/2018 Anima Anima Dart
18/06/2018 Small goebie VIP Reward
19/06/2018 Livid Small goebie Bottle
20/06/2018 Air rune Daily D&D Bottle
21/06/2018 Clay Livid Dart
22/06/2018 Pulse Fishbowl Bottle
23/06/2018 Air rune Fishbowl Monthly D&D
24/06/2018 VIP Anima crystal Large gift
25/06/2018 Pulse Small goebie Bottle
26/06/2018 Reaper Clay Wildcard
27/06/2018 Reaper Barrel Dust
28/06/2018 Med goebie Med gift Reward
29/06/2018 Small gift Daily D&D Large goebie
30/06/2018 Small goebie Air rune Large goebie
01/07/2018 Med goebie Air rune Lamp
02/07/2018 Anima Fishing rod Trisk
03/07/2018 Small goebie Barrel Reward
04/07/2018 Daily D&D Anima Lamp
05/07/2018 Air rune Reaper Bottle
06/07/2018 Clay Anima crystal Trisk
07/07/2018 Pulse Med gift Bottle
08/07/2018 Reaper VIP Trisk
09/07/2018 VIP VIP Large gift
10/07/2018 Damage Damage Large gift
11/07/2018 Reaper Reaper Wildcard
12/07/2018 Fishbowl Small gift Large gift
13/07/2018 Anima crystal Air rune Large goebie
14/07/2018 Small gift Fishing rod Reward
15/07/2018 Small goebie Med goebie Large goebie
16/07/2018 Med gift Anima Large gift
17/07/2018 Anima Clay Trisk
18/07/2018 Small goebie Down Lamp
19/07/2018 Daily D&D Fishbowl Lamp
20/07/2018 VIP Small goebie Lamp
21/07/2018 Clay VIP Trisk
22/07/2018 Pulse Damage Monthly D&D
23/07/2018 Fishbowl Fishing rod Dart
24/07/2018 Air rune Small gift Trisk
25/07/2018 Pulse Small gift Monthly D&D
26/07/2018 Reaper Livid Weekly D&D
27/07/2018 Fishbowl Air rune Large gift
28/07/2018 Fishing rod Reaper Wildcard
29/07/2018 Small gift Clay Reward
30/07/2018 Small goebie Pulse Reward
31/07/2018 Med gift Damage Large gift
01/08/2018 Clay Small goebie Reward
02/08/2018 Small goebie Small goebie Lamp
03/08/2018 Daily D&D Daily D&D Effigy
04/08/2018 Clay Clay Reward
05/08/2018 Anima Fishbowl Dust
06/08/2018 Pulse Anima Monthly D&D
07/08/2018 Reaper Down Wildcard
08/08/2018 Air rune Pulse Trisk
09/08/2018 Fishing rod Barrel Trisk
10/08/2018 Reaper Barrel Weekly D&D
11/08/2018 Fishbowl Med gift Taijitu
12/08/2018 Fishing rod Anima Wildcard
13/08/2018 Small goebie Air rune Weekly D&D
14/08/2018 Small goebie Small gift Reward
15/08/2018 Med gift Daily D&D Taijitu
16/08/2018 Clay Down Reward
17/08/2018 Anima Reaper Taijitu
18/08/2018 Daily D&D Reaper Effigy
19/08/2018 VIP Med goebie Effigy
20/08/2018 Anima Small gift Dust
21/08/2018 Down VIP Effigy
22/08/2018 Fishbowl Barrel Trisk
23/08/2018 Air rune Med gift Wildcard
24/08/2018 Fishing rod Livid Trisk
25/08/2018 Barrel Air rune Effigy
26/08/2018 Fishbowl Fishbowl Taijitu
27/08/2018 Fishing rod Fishing rod Weekly D&D
28/08/2018 Small goebie Small goebie Weekly D&D
29/08/2018 Barrel Clay Weekly D&D
30/08/2018 Med gift Reaper Taijitu
31/08/2018 Clay Med goebie Lamp
01/09/2018 Small gift Med gift Large gift
02/09/2018 Livid VIP Taijitu
03/09/2018 Clay VIP Lamp
04/09/2018 Anima Damage Dart
05/09/2018 Down Barrel Effigy
06/09/2018 Air rune Small gift Dust
07/09/2018 Air rune Fishbowl Wildcard
08/09/2018 Fishing rod Anima crystal Wildcard
09/09/2018 Barrel Med goebie Effigy
10/09/2018 Reaper Clay Wildcard
11/09/2018 Fishing rod Clay Weekly D&D
12/09/2018 Small goebie Pulse Large goebie
13/09/2018 Reaper Fishbowl Wildcard
14/09/2018 Med goebie Small goebie Monthly D&D
15/09/2018 Clay Air rune Lamp
16/09/2018 Anima Fishing rod Dust
17/09/2018 Livid Anima crystal Taijitu
18/09/2018 Air rune Anima Taijitu
19/09/2018 Anima Anima Dart
20/09/2018 Down Down Bottle
21/09/2018 Air rune Air rune Dust
22/09/2018 VIP Barrel Dart
23/09/2018 Fishing rod VIP Wildcard
24/09/2018 Barrel Pulse Bottle
25/09/2018 Reaper Fishing rod Wildcard
26/09/2018 Med goebie Small gift Bottle
27/09/2018 Small goebie Small gift Large goebie
28/09/2018 Barrel Livid Large goebie
29/09/2018 Med goebie VIP Monthly D&D
30/09/2018 Anima Reaper Large goebie
01/10/2018 Small gift Anima Taijitu
02/10/2018 Livid Down Dust
03/10/2018 Air rune Damage Taijitu
04/10/2018 Clay Barrel Large goebie
05/10/2018 Down Small goebie Bottle
06/10/2018 Air rune Med gift Dart
07/10/2018 VIP Clay Dart
08/10/2018 Damage Fishbowl Dart
09/10/2018 Barrel Small gift Bottle
10/10/2018 Reaper Livid Weekly D&D
11/10/2018 Anima crystal Down Effigy
12/10/2018 Small gift Reaper Bottle
13/10/2018 Reaper Reaper Weekly D&D
14/10/2018 Med goebie Med goebie Large gift

What I did find with this small list of data, is that the third slot seems to have a pattern template stocking 12 different items (out of the known 13 possible items) over the course of 40 days. I can't say how the items are applies to said template, but giving each item a unique number I found:

Item# in template Date iteration 1 Item   Date iteration 2 Item
1 11/03/2018 Lamp 20/04/2018 Weekly D&D
1 12/03/2018 Lamp 21/04/2018 Weekly D&D
2 13/03/2018 Taijitu 22/04/2018 Bottle
1 14/03/2018 Lamp 23/04/2018 Weekly D&D
3 15/03/2018 Dart 24/04/2018 Large gift
4 16/03/2018 Trisk 25/04/2018 Taijitu
3 17/03/2018 Dart 26/04/2018 Large gift
1 18/03/2018 Lamp 27/04/2018 Weekly D&D
5 19/03/2018 Large gift 28/04/2018 Effigy
6 20/03/2018 Wildcard 29/04/2018 Dust
6 21/03/2018 Wildcard 30/04/2018 Dust
6 22/03/2018 Wildcard 01/05/2018 Dust
5 23/03/2018 Large gift 02/05/2018 Effigy
7 24/03/2018 Reward 03/05/2018 Wildcard
8 25/03/2018 Monthly D&D 04/05/2018 Lamp
5 26/03/2018 Large gift 05/05/2018 Effigy
7 27/03/2018 Reward 06/05/2018 Wildcard
9 28/03/2018 Dust 07/05/2018 Monthly D&D
1 29/03/2018 Lamp 08/05/2018 Weekly D&D
2 30/03/2018 Taijitu 09/05/2018 Bottle
4 31/03/2018 Trisk 10/05/2018 Taijitu
4 01/04/2018 Trisk 11/05/2018 Taijitu
1 02/04/2018 Lamp 12/05/2018 Weekly D&D
4 03/04/2018 Trisk 13/05/2018 Taijitu
6 04/04/2018 Wildcard 14/05/2018 Dust
10 05/04/2018 Weekly D&D 15/05/2018 Dart
4 06/04/2018 Trisk 16/05/2018 Taijitu
11 07/04/2018 Bottle 17/05/2018 Reward
7 08/04/2018 Reward 18/05/2018 Wildcard
2 09/04/2018 Taijitu 19/05/2018 Bottle
5 10/04/2018 Large gift 20/05/2018 Effigy
5 11/04/2018 Large gift 21/05/2018 Effigy
9 12/04/2018 Dust 22/05/2018 Monthly D&D
12 13/04/2018 Effigy 23/05/2018 Large goebie
2 14/04/2018 Taijitu 24/05/2018 Bottle
9 15/04/2018 Dust 25/05/2018 Monthly D&D
4 16/04/2018 Trisk 26/05/2018 Taijitu
12 17/04/2018 Effigy 27/05/2018 Large goebie
4 18/04/2018 Trisk 28/05/2018 Taijitu
12 19/04/2018 Effigy 29/05/2018 Large goebie

I haven't taken a look at slots 1 and 2, partly because I'm unsure if those keeping the page up-to-date have consistently kept those two slots in the same order as available in the store. 18:38, 13 October 2018 (UTC)

Added today's stock and minor clarifications to the above. 03:17, 14 October 2018 (UTC)
Completed the history table. Corrected the above 'pattern template' (I gave one item two numbers, oops). So far the above 'pattern template' works for all recorded history. According to that, tomorrow's (15/10/2018) third slot should be a D&D token (weekly). 06:05, 14 October 2018 (UTC)
Wow, I couldn't even use my findings correctly... Thankfully a computer following the right code doesn't make mistakes, and it predicted a large goebie charm as it actually should be. 03:54, 15 October 2018 (UTC)
I expect slots 1 & 2 to have a similar pattern, but fear that the content of those two slots may have been swapped around (compared to in-game) in the article history. In the data we have, for slot 1, it is either 24 or 48 days from a set of two consecutive days that lists the same reward in the same slot to the next time this happens; but I can't find a pattern that fits all data that way... 08:58, 14 October 2018 (UTC)
Corrected a few mistakes in my copy/paste of the history. One additional observation on slots 1 & 2: every 24 days there are three days in a row where both slots have the same item. 13:25, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

Slots 1 & 2 pattern[edit source]

Extra observation on slots 1 & 2: with the currently available data (11/03/2018 to today, 14/10/2018) I can find a recurring order of items. The items for sale on 11/03/2018 are the same as those on 09/07/2018, and that pattern holds for at least the following 98 days. There are 22 days left until the cycle should repeat again (based on data from 17/06/2018 until 08/07/2018, as 09/07/2018 again is VIP+VIP (where we started at on 11/03/2018). If correct, slots 1 & 2 for the coming 22 days should be:

Date Slot 1 Slot 2
15/10/2018 Anima Anima
16/10/2018 Small goebie VIP
17/10/2018 Livid Small goebie
18/10/2018 Air rune Daily D&D
19/10/2018 Clay Livid
20/10/2018 Pulse Fishbowl
21/10/2018 Air rune Fishbowl
22/10/2018 VIP Anima crystal
23/10/2018 Pulse Small goebie
24/10/2018 Reaper Clay
25/10/2018 Reaper Barrel
26/10/2018 Med goebie Med gift
27/10/2018 Small gift Daily D&D
28/10/2018 Small goebie Air rune
29/10/2018 Med goebie Air rune
30/10/2018 Anima Fishing rod
31/10/2018 Small goebie Barrel
01/11/2018 Daily D&D Anima
02/11/2018 Air rune Reaper
03/11/2018 Clay Anima crystal
04/11/2018 Pulse Med gift
05/11/2018 Reaper VIP
Cycle restarts
06/11/2018 VIP VIP
07/11/2018 Damage Damage
08/11/2018 Reaper Reaper
There seems to be a mistake in the page content for either 09/05/2018 (small gift) or 06/09/2018 (medium gift). 15/03/2018 and 13/07/2018, 17/04/2018 and 15/08/2018 as well as 03/06/2018 and 01/10/2018 have different orders for slot 1 & 2. 13:25, 14 October 2018 (UTC)
I checked the Deep Sea Fishing Discord server, they list a small gift for 06/09/2018; I have changed the history here accordingly. They also list the same orders for the days that the wiki's history has different orders, so I changed those as well. 13:36, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

Assuming the coming 22 days pan out, the full 120-day order for slots 1 & 2 is as follows, starting on 11/03/2018 and repeating (second iteration started on 09/07/2018):

Slot 1 Slot 2
Damage Damage
Reaper Reaper
Fishbowl Small gift
Anima crystal Air rune
Small gift Fishing rod
Small goebie Med goebie
Med gift Anima
Anima Clay
Small goebie Down
Daily D&D Fishbowl
VIP Small goebie
Clay VIP
Pulse Damage
Fishbowl Fishing rod
Air rune Small gift
Pulse Small gift
Reaper Livid
Fishbowl Air rune
Fishing rod Reaper
Small gift Clay
Small goebie Pulse
Med gift Damage
Clay Small goebie
Small goebie Small goebie
Daily D&D Daily D&D
Clay Clay
Anima Fishbowl
Pulse Anima
Reaper Down
Air rune Pulse
Fishing rod Barrel
Reaper Barrel
Fishbowl Med gift
Fishing rod Anima
Small goebie Air rune
Small goebie Small gift
Med gift Daily D&D
Clay Down
Anima Reaper
Daily D&D Reaper
VIP Med goebie
Anima Small gift
Down VIP
Fishbowl Barrel
Air rune Med gift
Fishing rod Livid
Barrel Air rune
Fishbowl Fishbowl
Fishing rod Fishing rod
Small goebie Small goebie
Barrel Clay
Med gift Reaper
Clay Med goebie
Small gift Med gift
Livid VIP
Clay VIP
Anima Damage
Down Barrel
Air rune Small gift
Air rune Fishbowl
Fishing rod Anima crystal
Barrel Med goebie
Reaper Clay
Fishing rod Clay
Small goebie Pulse
Reaper Fishbowl
Med goebie Small goebie
Clay Air rune
Anima Fishing rod
Livid Anima crystal
Air rune Anima
Anima Anima
Down Down
Air rune Air rune
VIP Barrel
Fishing rod VIP
Barrel Pulse
Reaper Fishing rod
Med goebie Small gift
Small goebie Small gift
Barrel Livid
Med goebie VIP
Anima Reaper
Small gift Anima
Livid Down
Air rune Damage
Clay Barrel
Down Small goebie
Air rune Med gift
VIP Clay
Damage Fishbowl
Barrel Small gift
Reaper Livid
Anima crystal Down
Small gift Reaper
Reaper Reaper
Med goebie Med goebie
Anima Anima
Small goebie VIP
Livid Small goebie
Air rune Daily D&D
Clay Livid
Pulse Fishbowl
Air rune Fishbowl
VIP Anima crystal
Pulse Small goebie
Reaper Clay
Reaper Barrel
Med goebie Med gift
Small gift Daily D&D
Small goebie Air rune
Med goebie Air rune
Anima Fishing rod
Small goebie Barrel
Daily D&D Anima
Air rune Reaper
Clay Anima crystal
Pulse Med gift
Reaper VIP

Now to figure out how to turn this into a rotation-like template for this page; and whether this should be added (like the POF buyer timers) to the individual item pages (when they were last available / when they'll be available next)... 13:43, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

Slot 3 pattern[edit source]

There is enough data to determine the complete pattern for the third slot. It seems there is a specific 40-day order to which items are available on a certain day; and the items assigned to each 'slot' in that order change in a specific order as well.

While my above table lists 12 different items selected that appear throughout the 40 days, nothing here says my chosen offset in the enumeration is correct. If I shift the start up by 6 days (it was released on Monday 05/03/2018, but the data and enumeration started on 11/03/2018), I actually found the 40 days contained all known 13 possible items. In any case, the offset doesn't matter as the pattern still holds for all the data; so continuing with my initial pattern, the following table shows the item to 'enumeration slot' mapping for the iterations we've gone through.

Item# in template Iteration #1 Iteration #2 Iteration #3 Iteration #4 Iteration #5 Iteration #6
1 Lamp Weekly D&D Dart Large gift Effigy Large goebie
2 Taijitu Bottle Reward Wildcard Dust Monthly D&D
3 Dart Large gift Effigy Large goebie Trisk Taijitu
4 Trisk Taijitu Bottle Reward Wildcard Dust
5 Large gift Effigy Large goebie Trisk Taijitu Bottle
6 Wildcard Dust Monthly D&D Lamp Weekly D&D Dart
7 Reward Wildcard Dust Monthly D&D Lamp Weekly D&D
8 Monthly D&D Lamp Weekly D&D Dart Large gift Effigy
9 Dust Monthly D&D Lamp Weekly D&D Dart Unknown Expected: Large gift
10 Weekly D&D Dart Large gift Effigy Large goebie Unknown Expected: Trisk
11 Bottle Reward Wildcard Dust Monthly D&D Unknown Expected: Lamp
12 Effigy Large goebie Trisk Taijitu Bottle Unknown Expected: Reward

Which item occupied which slot in the enumeration follows a set pattern, if item #11 is harmonic dust one iteration, it will be a D&D token (monthly) the next iteration. The full order is:

  1. Lamp
  2. Weekly D&D
  3. Dart
  4. Large gift
  5. Effigy
  6. Large goebie
  7. Trisk
  8. Taijitu
  9. Bottle
  10. Reward
  11. Wildcard
  12. Dust
  13. Monthly D&D

Someone adept at making the various rotation templates should be able to use this data to automatically determine what the content of the third slot is. 08:16, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

The rotation has since changed. The module has been updated to match. Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 14:10, 13 August 2020 (UTC)

Can spawn once an hour on the same world[edit source]

I didn't want to add this to the article as the only confirmation is what I saw, but, at 19:22 today there was a fresh travelling merchant and then at 20:22 there was another fresh travelling merchant on the same world. I don't know if this is the same for other DNDs at the hub. It seems to confirm there's no cooldown (other than an hour between spawns) before it can spawn on the same world again. Rabbit Fear (talk) 19:42, 19 May 2020 (UTC)