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Upon doing the quest Rune Memories I started reading the dialogues of the former headmasters of the Wizards' Tower, especially the one between Temrin the Grey and Zanmaron the Red... There are some weird connections between the beginning dialogue of Temrin the Grey and Zanmaron the Red:

Temrin the Grey: "Zanmaron, may knowledge guide you. Do you know what this is about?"

Zanmaron the Red: "Strength through chaos, honoured friend. I have no idea. I suppose you were in the middle of something?

Temrin the Grey: "My history of Gielinor. I have almost reached the dawn of the Second Age."

Zanmaron the Red: "Ah, when my lord Zamorak enters the scene! When may the rest of us read this masterwork?"

Temrin the Grey: "When it's ready, my impatient friend. You know that."

Please note that after this small dialogue, it get's followed by the Green wizard master and the Blue wizard master discussing the teleportation issue, but has no more importance within my own conclusions.

As Temrin the Grey starts opening his motto:"May knowledge guide you", he then asks what the discovery is about. The Zamorakian-dedicated then wizard opens his own motto sentence: "Strength through chaos" (derived from the God letters), and asks what he was into? Surprisingly, Temrin then comments "My history of Gielinor. I have almost reached the dawn of the Second Age" on which Temrin probably means that he has discovered some knowledge about the early magical teleport spells from the Ancient Magicks, since the Second Age is known as 'the age of Zaros'. This may even further imply that the Grey wizards were involved in Zaros's past, or were just interested in it, hence the Grey wizards were extremely interested in knowledge; as it is also noted that they aren't relgious at all, or at least just interested or involved in the "other" deities, like for example Armadyl. If the Grey wizards formerly were involved in Zaros's past, it may be implied that Zaros' religion doesn't only primarily exists out of 'evilness (although this is commonly is just said by other Gods out of fear, especially enemy Gods in that time), emptiness or control', but also out of pure knowledge in general. 

Note: This is just purely a theory.

Of course other Gods are involved within the lesser Gods, not especially Zaros then. Wizard Temrin the Grey may have ment something else of course, since there is no evidence at all if he really states that, cause he probably may be (along with the other Grey wizards) just interested in the Second Age's knowledge. However then Zanmaron replies that his 'lord' Zamorak enters the scene at the end of the Second Age, then asking when the "rest" of them may read that 'masterwork'; on which Temrin replies that they will be able to when it's ready, and that Zanmaron "knows" that. This may be concluding to further evidence that the two were both interested in the Second Age its magical secrets, Zanmaron out of curiosity in the Empty lord's magical past and which powerful mysteries he could recover, and then Temrin, probably purely out of his instinctively search for knowledge and perhaps even his (and his fellow Grey wizards') past. At last it should be noted that they greet themselves as friends, which may even further implied as if they are involved in some unknown past where the two were connected.

This was my conclusion out of the two wizards' conversation, I hope it will be further analysed for what purpose Jagex made this dialogue, and for what they may be used for in the Updatefuture. 


Zanovar. 20:02, November 30, 2012 (UTC)