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This talk page is for discussing the Summoning pets page.

Untitled[edit source]

I think article would be better merged with pet and the resulting article expanded. I believe this would be better than either articles current form. I'll take a stab at this if no one disagrees (naturally "Summoning pet" would redirect to the article) ~kytti khat 17:14, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

  • I completely agree Kytti-khat. The articles combined would be much better. No one searches for "Summoning Pets," people search for "pets" and the pets article itself is horrible. I think that they should be combined and greatly expanded-have cats added to them-add pictures-add information. I will try to help with this, but I completely support the merging of the pages. Guthix cloak.png Invincibility |Talk| |Edit Count| 18:18, 8 November 2008 (UTC)