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Untitled[edit source]

From the 'Trivia' section: "When your combat level increases due to leveling up in Summoning, you do not get the congratulations message for leveling up combat." This is definitely no longer true. Dgtns 15:06, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

I noticed that many of the summon familiars are in the newly updated runescape screenshots page at! I don't know if they will be of any use, but possibbly until some members of the wiki get the levels to summon them - I'd add them but I don't know the names and I don't like this skill. Edenane 03:11, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Is it worth me adding a list on what creatures you can summon? So far there are two shown via the image icons on the main page: wolpertinger and spirit wolf. Mr. Garrison 12:47, 24 November 2007 (UTC)

They haven't said that those will necessarily be released. Speculation doesn't belong in articles. Skill 19:44, 24 November 2007 (UTC)

A Forum Mod stated that Wolpertingers and Spirit Wolves are definitely going to be Summonable. He also said Dreadfowls will be too.  Tien  15:18, 8 December 2007 (UTC)

A Forum mod? God knows they are reliable, i mean, its not like they work for jagex or anything, so they must know things only jagex would know. 1diehard1 03:36, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

For training summoning at low level the player can buy chickens in Canifis shop for 9gp each -- 19:02, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

Deletion[edit source]

Should this page be deleted? It seems that whenever there is an article about something that will happen in the future or be released in the future, it gets deleted with the deletion caption being something like "wait, not out yet" (Some examples are 2007 Hallowe'en event, Clan war, Grand Exchange (pages might only be able to be seen by admins)). What would make this different? Dragon medium helm! Whaddaya know?Chiafriend12Better than rune!I have 12 friends. 23:14, 9 December 2007 (UTC)

Seeing as how Jagex has actually released content (Development Diaries, wallpapers, etc) for this upcoming skill, I think the article is at least potentially worth keeping around. As it's only about a month or month-and-a-half until the skill is released and this article evolves anyway, I don't think it matters too much right now whether it exists or not, so why bother deleting it? --Nightforge 23:29, 9 December 2007 (UTC)
I'm just trying to say that if consistency with deletion is going to be achieved, this oughta' be deleted. Dragon medium helm! Whaddaya know?Chiafriend12Better than rune!I have 12 friends. 04:12, 10 December 2007 (UTC)
And by the time that's resolved, it'll probably be time to create the page anyway. Aside from that, though I agree with what you're saying, there's nothing in the Deletion Policy about a case like this, and the closest case I can find being #1 and #2 here. --Nightforge 04:29, 10 December 2007 (UTC)
Hhmmm... Criteria number 1 in RS:NIP says that things like upcoming events and mini-games, like that clan wars mini-game, are allowed to be created. Now that I've seen this, I change my point of view. Dragon medium helm! Whaddaya know?Chiafriend12Better than rune!I have 12 friends. 04:34, 10 December 2007 (UTC)

I think this page should only have the skill related things that other pages have. We can move the historical and speculation stuff to another page that we can link to at the bottom of the skill page. Anyway, thats my vote.--Degenret01 04:47, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Why? The history and such are part of summoning, and I see no need to split up articles until they get unreasonably long. We would need to clean up the article, though, and maybe make the tables more compact, but that has to be done anyway. Skill 05:06, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Move to new page upon release[edit source]

Upon the release of summoning should we move all the content on this page to something such as, Speculation before the release of summoning? Or anything else. Whiplash 19:12, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

Sounds reasonable. And merry Christmas. =D May be coloured blue in the near
We should just keep the current content on the History section which is now the only section of the article. Xammer 17:30, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

Monday[edit source]

This skill is going to be out Monday January 7, 2008. I don't have a source I can list, but I do have one, and it's pretty much common sense. It's speculation, I guess, which is why it's here and not on the article. But still. Monday. 14:21, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

The Development Diary will almost definitely be released on Thursday the 10th (don't shoot me if I'm wrong) because the third one said 3 weeks til the development diary, and they were exact when they said two weeks until the wallpaper. The first development diary says these diaries are in the run up to the release of summoning, so I'm putting my money on the 11th or possibly Monday 14th.--Andy mci 22:43, 5 January 2008 (UTC)

You're source was wrong on the 7th... Herblore TIRRIANGANT (TALK) 18:23, 8 January 2008 (UTC)
It's out on the 14th, smart guy. 21:40, 12 January 2008 (UTC)
Looks like yours was wrong, too ... Chocotard 13:05, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

Wait! My source says January 15! Chocotard 15:30, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

Lol! :o) Herblore TIRRIANGANT (TALK) 19:20, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

So some people dont pay attentio to the fact that 7 out of 10 updates happen on Tues.--Degenret01 04:50, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Necessary Edits[edit source]

Since someone had decided to lock the article unjustly and I do not have an account (Nor do I plan to get one), I request the following edits to be made. --- Change the last sentence of the first paragraph to "According to Development Diary 3, The skill will be released approximately the second week of January" as I’m certain it did not mean literally 3 weeks after its release and my statement is open-ended and non-speculation. Change all the members-only speculation and remove the section and delete the photos and add in the sentence, "Paul Gower has confirmed that Summoning will be member's only." Change "Skill Icon" To "Mysterious Icon," and include that it is speculation that it is the skill Icon. Also delete the interface as it is not cannon. Delete the "KB Leak" sentence as the picture #1: includes the wrong skill name, and #2: does not feature the commas or XP Until next level ans is obviously a fake. Delete the penguin egg speculation in Dev Diary 2 section as it is not been confirmed by Jagex and players have searched for it and there is no SOLID evidence that it is the supposed "Penguin egg." Then re-word the entire section into a paragraph. Enter a "BTS Jan 2008" section with the information provided in the BTS, right before Wallpaper 3. Even though it would not work chronologically of release, move the pet shop underneath Dev Diary 4, as a way too keep the news and in-game separate and keep that section clean. Finally, unlock the article. One person’s action does not constitute a lock. The members are doing more harm to the article than the anonymous are. Just because someone wrote in a profane word does not mean that the article is a hot-spot for taggers. Thanks! 20:54, 7 January 2008 (UTC)

On the same token, someone should put that Taverly might be given to the Free players, as they did give us the duel arena. Plus, as most know, Mod Piers is the co-creator of runescape, and it is entirely possible that he let that piece of information slip, and now the other Mods are trying to cover it up. Members get a humongous world, it wouldn't hurt for them to give us 1/999 of it. We could get a few more quests and perhaps even herblore. I can assure you though, if Free players do not get summoning, I will be protesting. 23:13, 8 January 2008 (UTC)
Though Piers said it will be F2P, Paul Gower said it will be P2P, which further puts the on-going argument of Summoning being either free or not free at a stalemate. Odds are though, Summoning will be P2P, or at least greatly limited by F2Pers. Dragon medium helm! Whaddaya know?Chiafriend12Better than rune!I have 12 friends. 23:26, 8 January 2008 (UTC)
"Plus, as most know, Mod Piers is the co-creator of runescape"

That is not true. Andrew and Paul Gower are the original creators of RuneScape.

In game hints that could be related to summoning[edit source]

  • Eggs (in the wallpaper):
    • Red egg (from birds nests)
    • blue egg (from birds nests)
    • raven egg (from birds nests)
    • vulture eggs (drop from vultures around agility pyramid)
  • karthulhu (mentioned in dev diary, drop from zombie pirates on brainded isle)
  • incubator (can be found in Yanille when playing on low resolution)

Summoning definitely exists[edit source]

Don't buy the troll's BS. Chocotard 14:29, 10 January 2008 (UTC)

glich to be put on summoning page ( please give me opinions)[edit source]

I previously put the hiscore glich on the summoning page , but some one deleted it, i see no reason for deleting it, it's important and related to the topic ( the undefined skill appeared for an hour on high scores) and i have a picture for it's page with 20 names lvls 42 and 41, should we put it? tell me F2P and proud!Wildemam 72 smithing! 23:02, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

The mysterious icon[edit source]

I'm probably going to look stupid by saying this, but the icon at the bottom of the page almost looks like a rune, maybe it is the new life rune or something similar, others of you may have noticed this too.

I don't want to state the obvious but it just looks that way.

Rune kiteshield (Guthix).png JU®n¥mAñ01Guthix staff.png 17:40, 13 January 2008 (UTC)

It's not stating the obvious - in fact, it's unlikely that it's a rune. That would imply that it's an addition to the Magic skill, which the mods have already said it's not. I think it's the skill icon, but we'll have to wait and see. Chocotard 13:07, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

Trapping[edit source]

Apparently, according to the Yanille Petshop Owner, when you buy Nuts, Beetle Bits or Flies from her, you can use them as bait in Box traps to catch squirrels for pets. I bought a box trap from the hunting store. I'm gonna test it right now.

the article should be deleted and redesigned[edit source]

after the release of skill, the article became bale and not effective, We should delete it . and redisign a new nice article. but we should wait untill our members' writers become experts in summoning cause i am f2p. F2P and proud!Wildemam 72 smithing!

Training the Skill[edit source]

I am totally lost as to how to really train this skill and get some xp to raise my levels. If anyone knows where the xp comes from can we start a section on main paige of the skill for that purpose? I am not starting the section because I have no knowledge to put in it yet.--Degenret01 23:29, 15 January 2008 (UTC)
We won't need a whole new page for it, just put it on the summoning article. White partyhat old.png C Teng talk 01:35, 16 January 2008 (UTC)
I have added some text to the training section. The key element appears to be to get enough charms to be able to make pouches. This is roughly equivalent to the herbs (or weeds) in the herblore skill. The other element needed to make a pouch is then roughly equivalent to the secondary ingredient from herblore. The combination of spirit shards and empty pouches resemble the vials in Herblore. The main difference is that players now need to bring all the items to a summoning obelisk to get some experience (no standing in a bank anymore). Like herblore, getting charms will be the main challenge for training the skill. Like weeds, lots of monsters drop the charms some with a better drop rate than others. My experience with some monsters show that it is very hard to get decent quantities of charms. Miw

As someone currently training summoning (currently at level 50), the training section has been basically useless to me. The 'Minimize charms' method is cheaper than the 'Minimize cost' method, and the 'Minimize charms' method has the functionally impossible requirement of 18,405 blue charms to get to level 99. Using the Charms drop table, one would have to kill roughly 80,000 mithril dragons or 180,000 gargolyes to get this many. It can be very profitable to train using blue charms, but they are dropped infrequently enough that it is necessary to train with other charms as well. Therefore, it would be nice to have both 'Minimize cost' and 'Minimize charms' methods, but break them down by charm type. The 'Minimize cost' method should also be calculated based upon selling the completed pouch on the GE, since that is almost always the cheapest way to train. 15:16, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

Split[edit source]

If anyone is talking about a split, it should be to move the massive tables to another article. They take up a lot of space visually and make it harder to scroll through the article, which is important if any useful content is to be added to it. At the very least they need to be below the main content that explains how the skill works. Skill 05:14, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Went ahead and moved them to the bottom, but I would still prefer they be split into a separate article, as this makes the trivia and external links sections inaccessible. Skill 05:27, 16 January 2008 (UTC)
The worrying part is that even more familiars will be added to the skill in a month or so. It would be nice to have a structure to deal with this abundance of items (pouches and scrolls). Given the low experience gains from using the skill, perhaps it would be better to make a separate "Summoning Usage" page. The main summoning xp elements (pouches) would stay in the main summoning page. If a pouch table gets to large, my suggestion would be to split it according to charms needed. Charm requirements are the main constraint for this skill (and decent amounts of coins of course). Miw 10:24, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

My suggestion would be to make the following pages:

  • Main page:let it reflect similar information as other skill pages, so a summary of the skill, how to use the different areas of it(pouch making, using the familiars, obtaining pets, locations of obelisks, tons of information still), and training techniques/suggestions. This would also have brief summaries of the other pages, with the links to them obviously.
  • History page: which explains it's coming about, development diary info, anticipation, maybe trivia
  • Chart pages, which display the tables.

So on the main page there would be areas talking about making pouches, with a link to the table that contains all the pouch making info, and so on for the other abilities. The history area could be moved, the charts can be moved, and the training area (kind of the more important spot on the page) can be expanded. Herblore TIRRIANGANT (TALK) 16:12, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Great idea Redekopmark 19:52, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Big Changes to the tables[edit source]

I've changed the page and moved most of the history section to Summoning History (with the exception of a short summary). I've also taken a few tables out and put them on other pages, namely: Summoning Pouches, Summoning Familiars, and Summoning Scrolls. There is still a lot of information missing from the skill guide, but I will see if I can at least add a little bit of something to make it somewhat functional for those who are interested. The skill, while there is a lot that can be going on, isn't too difficult to figure out. Herblore TIRRIANGANT (TALK) 23:06, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Gold and Blue charms drop less?[edit source]

I removed that line becasue it is just a couple peoples experience so far., while other people have had the opposite results. As for myself and a couple others I talked to, Gold has dropped at a rate equal to all the others combined. The Blue is dropping slower but everything is to new be sure of a judgement call yet. Maybe some monsters will drop better than others. Degenret01 (talkcontribs) forgot to sign this comment 00:47, 17 January 2008.

Different monsters have different drop rates for the charms. Some may drop one type more than others.

Spiked boots detail.pngDoomedrusher|Talk||Contributions||Edit Count| 01:22, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

So maybe we could include a section on best places/mosters for the different charms? Or maybe that hsould be on the charms pages instead? Thoughts?

In my opinion this (best drop monsters) should be pointed on the pages for each individual charm. Golduin 08:21, 17 January 2008 (UTC)