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Hook-a-Duck xp table[edit source]

Most of the Hook-a-Duck table is very likely to be wrong. It was copied from the 2018 event (which naturally makes sense), but it appears that they have increased the xp rates for 2020.

Specifically, at level 63: light weight rod - 2018 value was 115.7, I got 141.8; fast action rod - 2018 value was 193, I got 235.8; magnetic rod - 2018 value was 82.2, I got 101.0

In all cases, the values show a 22-23% increase. And yes, my values already account for spotlight, sun potion, perks, etc. being subtracted out (those would have been a max add of 17% in any case).

The values for level 65 were also added to the table this year, and are much more in line with what I got than the 2018 values. The only other values added so far this year are for 99.

So, if everyone can please collect data and update the table, that would be great! Oshtur (talk) 22:38, 24 July 2020 (UTC)