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Template Addition[edit source]

Wouldn't it be good to add the {{Current}} template to the main page? Just a thought. --Milestone cape (50).pngAmeobea10Talk Contribs #Virtus mask.png 17:17, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Why the HECK would you add that??? --Killr833 00:17, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

Experience...[edit source]

Hey, I just wondered if the xp you get for fighting in the minigame is halfed, 1/2 or 3/4 or so. Or do you get the normal combat xp?

I recall reading that you get half exp for fighting barricades, but I haven't checked vs. monsters or other players. Not 100 % sure though. Trio0 11:55, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

-You get no experience for fighting barricades and you get the normal amount of experence for fight.  ;) 18:03, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

experience/charm rates[edit source]

i'd just like to add in my personal rates.--Scott 0888 23:42, 1 April 2009 (UTC) 99att,str,def,hp - 8400 zeal | 98magic/99range - 7680 zeal | 80prayer - 2700 zeal | 99slayer - 1305 zeal | 97summoning - 47golds, 31 greens, 30 crimsons, 41 blues

Sabotages?[edit source]

Just wondering, shouldn't it be called saboteurs, as in the person committing sabotage? I thought it was an error and changed it, but apparently not, as it has been reverted. Stop! Stop! Hammer Time 13:19, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

Saboteurs is the correct word to use. C.ChiamTalk 13:24, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

yay[edit source]

Hehehe... I love the new update... No more freeloaders... Soul wars is going to be much more fun. Nat12345919 18:55, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

unfortunatley it wotn as all they have to do is spam use bandaids on other people around them .

Ice Burst[edit source]

Is this a reasonable place to use Ice Burst for training? Thanks in advance for any responses.Mythomagic5 01:01, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

Yup. Use at bandages. -- 01:42, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

At the entrance of the main graveyard, by the opposing team' s avatar. It gives good exp and annoys people, while simultaneaosly helping your team. Best used with Soul Split, or using Blood Burst. 23:55, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

Zimberfizz giving command[edit source]

Can anyone get a picture of Zimberfizz speaking when you join a game of Soul Wars during Nomad's Requiem?

Activity Bar & Slayer Creatures[edit source]

It seems Jagex added a hidden anti-bot fix to Soul Wars. The damage done to jellies and pyrefiends no longer adds to your Activity bar. You only get activity from them by picking up souls. This can be very dangerous if you are at low activity and other people are getting all the souls.

And I have no clue how or where in article to post this. my brain is dead after long day ofplaying. (I also accidently added a category at bottom if someone can revert that. I have no clue how so much of new design works. took me 20 mins to find THIS page. ARG!) Macdubghaill 13:01, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Zeal Calculating Questions[edit source]

Level A-Level B[edit source]

There are so many queries as to how many zeal is need from one level to the next i was wondering if there is a reliable calculator yet?

Thanks in advance...

Guys, theres a soul wars calculator on tip it have a look...

99 prayer at Soul Wars~how much?[edit source]

Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get 99 from 56 prayer(oh boy). I don't expect it to be a picnic, but what would be a good guesstimate and how long do you think it would take? I'd be really grateful if someone could figure this out. I know I saw something on this site about 1400 zeal could get someone from lvl 40 to lvl 99.

BTW:~ This is a truly awesome website, A++. Only found it yesterday and Im hooked.


I tried my best to calculate how much this is, and I used a few solid areas of the equation. Assuming that you get 2 points per game (which is a tie), and that each game lasts 25 minutes, due to the waiting times, that you play Soul Wars 2 hours a day, solid, and that you need 1,350 zeal to get to 99, it should take you 135 days. That is using the data I used, and one may play more or less, win or lose more games, and that the amount of zeal is correct. ~MuzTalk 20:05, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Alright, thank you. I appreciate it :) keep up the good work.I'm considering this, becuase I play a lot more than 2 hours a day. thanks again. After reading what you said, I thought about it, and if I got 25 zeal a day, it would take a little less than 2 months(54 days). I'm thinking, by the end of summer, I'll have wiiiiinnnngs.

1400 zeal 40-99 i dont trust.
You need 3587 zeals.

from 92 to 99 range[edit source]

how much zeal would it take to get 99 range from 92 hope to have it by the end of the summer someone in my cc toold me that it takes around 700 i might actually be 93 range by the time i get the zeal so if you don't mind how much zeal would 93 be? ~sem246~

600-700 zeal -nighthawk146

760 zeal

99 def/hp[edit source]

I'm in need of some calculations, are you up to it? How many zeal would it take from 78 hitpoints to 99? I would also like to know how many zeal from 73-99 def. Either would be of great help. A rough estimate would do just fine. Thanks in advance.

i would probably say about 1650- 1800 for the hipoints, dont ask me about the defence one! hope its right because this is just a guess

Hit: 1511 Zeal
Def: 1652 Zeal

how long will this take?[edit source]

i want to get from 53 to 60 defence under 2 weeks, using soul wars any help would be greatly appreciated -- 18:27, 23 July 2009 (UTC)rummy_chikin

These numbers are assuming you do not fight during the game and only gain experince by using zeal points.

1: Spend 1 point 56 times.

1 Zeal 2 Zeal 3 Zeal
1 Hr / Day 18 and 02/03 Days 09 and 01/03 Days 06 and 02/09 Days
2 Hr / Day 09 and 01/03 Days 04 and 02/03 Days 03 and 01/09 Days
3 Hr / Day 06 and 02/09 Days 03 and 01/09 Days 02 and 02/27 Days
4 Hr / Day 04 and 02/03 Days 02 and 01/03 Days 01 and 05/09 Days
5 Hr / Day 03 and 11/15 Days 01 and 13/15 Days 01 and 11/45 Days

Where did the 1400 zeal for 40-99 come from??[edit source]

I wrote a quick program to calculate how many zeal it takes to go from level a to level b based of this sites reward algorithms. Before spending each zeal it checks how much exp it would get if it uses 100 zeal and compares that to how much exp you would get spending 1 zeal 100 times *this takes into account gaining levels during*. If 100 zeal gives more exp it adds 100zeal to zeal count updates exp and repeats until target level is reached but if 100zeal is less than 1 zeal 100 times it simply adds 1 zeal to count ands the reward for 1 point and repeats.

Anyways, the program says you need 1947 zeal:

87 range to 99 range[edit source]

how many zeal points would i need?

1 - 99 defence[edit source]

Hey, just wondering how many zeal I would need and how long it would take. I play 7 1/2 hours a week. and about 13-14 hours on the weekends.

Thanks in advanced :)

i was wondering how much zeal i need to get strength from 87-99[edit source]

just some info you might need i play 5-6 hours a day and i don't lose many matches at soulwars so i would average like 2.5 zeal per match

thanks for the help =)

If you played 5 hours a day and averaged 6-6.9 zeal a hour it'd take you 29 days to get 99 strength at your level, i'd add a couple days for good measure though :) - koolorwot

Can i max out if i get 99str from soul wars?[edit source]

Someone told me that when you do soul wars to 99 strength,you dont max max hit in f2p s 31 but if i get 99str from soul wars would i hit 31s?

Yes you would. (And the max isn't 31?).  Ranged-icon.png Zap0i TalkRune scimitar.png  01:31, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

My stats..[edit source]

How many zeal would it take, for the following,

range: 80-99 Magic: 72-94 Hitpoints: 60-85 Please respond quick, i love the site btw :D 14:45, March 8, 2010 (UTC) D A E M E N 14:45, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

Awesome table.

My cb level is 99 and summoning 66, i can get 34 gold charms. Im under level 101. I was wondering how many zeal it would take from leel 83-99 def----and 86-99hp.

Also, i am level 102. I was wondering whats the best way to use my zeal for charms. I think its golds---i dont care how long running them takes.

How many zeal for 1 - 75 Attack ?[edit source]

Anyone got an exact on how many zeal it would take to get from 1 - 75 attack?

Thinking about making a skiller with a godsword for looks.

200 Zeal[edit source]

Hey can I get a Bit Of Info here? I need to know how long it will take me to get 200 Zeal

I win EveryTIme because of mY cc

  • Well a game takes 20 minutes, you get 3 zeal a game so about 22 hours, 30 minutes. Thats assuming you win every game, and dont pause between games. More realistically you're looking at at least 24 hours. Mikelid109 20:18, May 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • you get 3 zeal per 23 minutes (20 for game and 3 for buffer inbetween), so that's 0.13 zeal per minute, which, when you do the math, comes out as 1530 minutes and 20 seconds, or 25 hours, 33 minutes, and 20 seconds. Hope that helps =)

Tell us the cc? :P

80-99 str[edit source]

Zeal From 85-99/ Zeal from 90-99?[edit source]

How many zeal would be needed from levels 85-99, and levels 90-99?

Thats including the 100 zeal bonus, so say without it i would need maybe 467 it might end up being like 450.

prayer experience[edit source]

does anyone know whether soul wars or pest control (using the novice loader) would be faster prayer experience?

assume i get 1.9 pest points per game at 5 minute games (in order to account for rare losses) and assume 2 zeal per match at 25 minute games

Zeal needed for 50-92 prayer?[edit source]

Please, i need a guesstimate. 2200, redeeming 100 at a time.

Hey, im combat 25 and get 2 of each charm when i spend zeals so: 4 zeals for 2 gold charms, 5 zeals for 2 green charms, 12 zeals for 2 crimson charms and 30 zeal for 2 blue charms. my total level is 350, and my summoning is 20

how much exp per zeal do you get at a lv 98 combat skill?

in this case i have 97 ranged atm , but i dont kno if i should use my zeals to lv to 98 , because im thinking about using them when i get 98 so itll bring me closer to 99.

how long would it take at soul wars to get 99 prayer from 49?[edit source]

hey can someone calculate how long 99 praer would take from lvl 49. I play 5 hours a day except on weekend i play 12 hours. If u could also tell me how many zeals i would need that would be grate thanks heaps!

1-99 Summoning at 19 Combat.[edit source]

Hello, I'm a defense pure I want to do 1-99 summoning through Soul War's. My combat level is 19, can anyone give me a rough estimation on how long this would take? I know it'll be thousands of hours, just curious.

1-99[edit source]

How many Zeals for 1-99 ranged in Soul wars?

I'm making a 10 hp pure and 99 ranged will be my first. Also is it the same amount of zeals for every 99?'

How many from 40 str to 70

117 combat 78 summ[edit source]

When i was 78 summ, 117 combat i got 41 blue for 30 zeal.

Just wanted to find out if redeeming 100 zeals gives you more xp, because when i do 10 its exactly the same as 10 times the 1 zeal xp, and usually i cant wait for the 100. i got to 80 and noticed that the 10 zeal redemption is the same so i spent it all, was that a mistake? should i have waited for 100?

if anyone can help would be great, thanks

Formula for attack experience is off[edit source]

I compared to the experience I get per point, and found this:

90^2 * 0.875 = 8100 * 0.875 = 7087.5

Now when I check the amount of points I get from sw in attack, there's a difference. Apparently, I get 6825 per point. It doesn't matter if I round down to highest whole number less than 7087.5, because that's still not 6825.

Just thought you should know it is not perfectly accurate.

Sorry, this was for another page, namely the Zeal Points page. This talk-page was linked for discussion about the summoning rewards.

Criticism[edit source]

Criticism? On the Fist of Guthix there is a criticism section, why not on this article? Naturally start this the utterly ridiculous amount of lag that comes with this game. Nothing in Runescape makes my computer lag (noticably) except Soul Wars - I have every on the highest possible detail, whilst Soul Wars is on the lowest (still lags)

Criticism section added. if anyone has ideas for additional subsections please feel free to add them. It may be worth merging 'criticism' and 'controversial players' at some point Naughty owls 20:39, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

Slayer?[edit source]

Do you get exp in slayer if your task is pyrefiends and you kill them?

Yes. same for jellies Naughty owls 20:40, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

Prayers cleanup?[edit source]

On the Soul Wars page a large number of combat prayers have been listed as being useful ingame. Would it be better to simply say that a high prayer level is useful, or give a comprehensive list of relevant prayers and their uses?

Priority/Luck?[edit source]

In my experience, the entry order appears to be entirely based on who got into the pen first, although the editor at seems to think otherwise. Can anyone give further insight? --Naughty owls 00:16, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

Worlds[edit source]

Does anyone know a good world for Soul Wars?  It seems to have dropped in popularity lately, and on Worlds 44 and 79 there's no-one there.  I might be in the wrong time zone, but in different times in the day I hardly see anyone there.  I even went on the 1000+ servers, nothing at all.  I recently got the neccesary slayer levels, and remembered Soul Wars.

Leave a message on my talk page or answer here if you know.

DivineLaw (talk) 11:36, February 17, 2014 (UTC)