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Untitled[edit source]

Does the ring only work for smithing bars?

A: No, the ring works for smelting all metal bars (excluding gold and silver) and smithing them into items.

Source: Experimented with it myself.

Actually, the ring works for smelting gold bars as well. Not sure about silver. Lite027 18:53, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

Artisans workshop?[edit source]

Does the ring work in the artisans workshop?

Yes, and stacks with the sacred clay hammers at that (I do this every week and get ~800xp per addy ingot i) when making burial armour. Be aware that while it does work for burial armour, and for fixing pipes (though sc hammer doesn't work for pipes), and I have not tried it with ceremonial swords.

Note: also works with cannon repair, including the bonuses gained when each fixed part is placed on the stand, and the bonus for completing the cannon. However, as hammer is not involved with repair work for most of the job, does not get any bonus from sacred clay hammer.

Superheating Gold Ore[edit source]

I get 67.4 smithing xp per cast when wearing this ring with Goldsmith Gauntlets when superheating gold ore. The charge of my ring decreases by 11.2 xp with each cast (or 112 xp per 10 casts, which was my testing size). I have no idea where this 11.2 number could possibly come from. Any ideas?

Hmm, without the Goldsmithing Gauntlets, Gold ore normally gives 22.5 experience, so the ring would give a bonus of 11.25 exp (which would rounded down to 11.2 since exp is only stored up to one decimal place). Perhaps the interaction with superheating is causing the ring to not recognise that you've got Goldsmithing Gauntlets on.The Guy 7 13:49, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

Clan Avatar Skilling Buff[edit source]

Smelting Gold ore at a furnace wearing the Gauntlets, clan Smithing ring, AND having the clan Avatar Skilling Buff active (3% only), gives me 85.8 exp per Gold ore. I have no clue how the Avatar Buff is applied while calculating the experience, I cannot recreate it. It is not simply 3% added to the exp listed on the page here: 84.3*1.03 = 86.829, which is too much. 17:25, August 25, 2012 (UTC)