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This talk page is for discussing the Sign of death page.

Error in text[edit source]

Right now the text states the following: "The sign of death is a special sign that automatically revives and restores 15% of your base life points while performing that much damage on the person/monster that killed you, up to a maximum of 10,000 life points"

But from reading other pages, I'm pretty sure that the sign of death restores 15% of your base life points while dealing 15% of your opponents life points to them. The current meaning of the text implies that you deal damage to the opponent equal to the amount restored on you (as in 15% of your base life points). Example: You got 10 k base health, opponent got 100 k. Current texts means the sign of death would restore and deal 1500 while I'm pretty sure it actually restores 1500 while dealing 10 000. I haven't tried out the item myself so that's why I'm not directly editing the page but I'm pretty sure this is how it works. 03:06, March 27, 2015 (UTC)