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This talk page is for discussing the Shadow anima page.

Reworded[edit source]

I've reworded some parts: I've removed the reference to shadow anima being new because, as I could gather, it was first generated or attempted to be generated prior to the dragonkin being cursed. The references to the device being complete/incomplete before the curse:

  • In Transcript:Desperate Measures, the narrator says that "Kerapac unveiled his latest invention" and "Before Kerapac could celebrate his creation, the Elder Gods' displeasure was made known.", which can be interpreted as his device being complete.
  • In the Kindra council memory, Kerapac says "My device generates a new form of energy[...]: shadow anima", though he says this after "I [...] have drawn up designs for a device".
  • The player claims "Shadow anima? The substance his machine produced before you enslaved them?" (although the player isn't really a valid source - just putting it as a note)
  • In Transcript:Kerapac's tablet, written after the events of Desperate Times, Kerapac says "I must be careful not to be seen whenever I need to travel in order to complete my device.", meaning the device was not complete, or that the point in time he chose to work in is before the completion of his device, perhaps because its completion was too close to the destruction of Orthen.

I guess that the strongest point is that, for the Elder Gods' to destroy Orthen and enslave the dragonkin, they must have acted with the knowledge of what shadow anima was, either because they previously encountered it or because Kerapac's device generated it (a less plausible claim is that they acted only based on Kerapac's intentions). I would also avoid saying anything that may be interpreted as Kerapac inventing or being the first creating shadow anima, because we don't know if that's the case.

Also explicitly stated that the claim of Guthix infusing the player's soul with shadow anima belongs to Charos, because we don't know if that's the case yet. Feel free to correct me on these changes - Habblet (talk|c) 23:57, 3 August 2020 (UTC)