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This talk page is for discussing the Shadow Barrage page.

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The article currently says that with an extreme magic potion (Which boosts your magic damage by 21%), and a damage-boosting staff (It doesn't specify which one, but let's just assume that it means THE most powerful one, the rarely seen chaotic staff), that the maximum hit of shadow barrage is raised from 280 to 420. However, the 15% damage boost from a chaotic staff added onto the 21% damage boost offered by an extreme magic potion would only raise the damage to 380.8. I'm aware that other boosts exist, such as the three types of arcane necklace, slayer helmets and ferocious ring when used against slayer tasks, etc, but, er.. This article just isn't right, I think. However, before I edit it from "420" to "380," or possibly "381" if the .8 would round up to 1, I think it would be more appropriate to ask about that here, first, to see if there's some invisibile, unknown factor that I'm not seeing here that would add a +40 damage boost against other players. A ferocious ring? No, no, I'm almost certain that that only works against monsters in Kuradal's dungeon. Any other ideas on what this (possible) mistake might be? ~ Eraiya, 8/15/10.