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This talk page is for discussing the Seer's headband 3 page.

Untitled[edit source]

Since most of the benefits from the headband only work exclusively in Seer's Village, does it make flax spinners at Seer's Village faster than those at either Lumbridge or Neitiznot? I have certain doubts on it since, with an Agility level of 73, the time to spin 28 flax gives my run energy just enough time to recover to 100% after running back to the bank, retrieving another 28 flax, and run back to the spinning wheel. I suspect that, with increased speed of spinning flax at Seer's Village, it would only yield shorter time for run energy to recover, which would eventually be drained to 0%, unless one is under the infinity run effect (see salt-water at Spa) or has a Spirit Terrorbird with scrolls. The latter option would however give the flax spinner 1 inventory less for flax (as it's occupied by the scroll). Red X 226 05:23, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Ranging benefits[edit source]

Why is this useful for ranging? I personally can't see a reason. +3 prayer?--Panama 1984 04:55, 23 June 2009 (UTC)

Merge[edit source]

I say we should merge this page with Seer's headband 1 and 2, because, like the Lumbridge rings, it can just be simplified. Just a suggestion.--Second-abyssal-whip.pngSpence751Talk Contribs #Construction cape equipped.png 23:34, 29 June 2009 (UTC)Spence751