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Where to catch?[edit source]

I just reached level 5 fishing, and I'm looking for a place to catch sardines.

You can find a shop in Port Sarim. They sell for 10 gold pieces each. They also are near a noobie mining area near Lumbridge.

South of Draynor.

store price[edit source]

Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby will buy this fish for 7 coins raw, the previous version stated 17 coins raw. What store can it be sold to for 17 coins if my update was wrong?

How to cook?[edit source]

For some reason, whenever I try to cook this or a herring, it says "You can't cook that on a fire." or "You can't cook that on a range." Can someone tell me how to cook this?

-- You can't cook a sardine, because a sardine is already a cooked raw sardine. Likewise for any other fish.

cooking[edit source]

how do u cook them ???????????????????

Porblem[edit source]

Once you get fishing lvl 25, you can catch pike, how do I get sardines and not pike?

I just burned one at 36 cooking. is that significant?