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This talk page is for discussing the Quill of Armadyl page.

Untitled[edit source]

I do not believe this page fulfils the requirements to be included in the "list of items that do not exists", or indeed even to be an article on this wiki.

The whole article is logically flawed speculation taken from two mentions of the word "quill" and "Armadyl" in the same sentence.

Here are the two mentions of the so-called "Quill of Armadyl", which form the basis for this article.

"the last time being in the Second Age, when my quill came from Armadyl himself."

"...with a quill I tore from Armadyl all those beautiful millennia ago."

And here are the "facts" someone's cooked up from these small references.

1. "The Quill of Armadyl is a god-artefact said to have once been used by the deity Armadyl himself."
There is no mention of the quills being god artefacts. There is no mention of Armadyl using a quill. There is no mention of anything called "The Quill of Armadyl"

2. "Evidently the Quill was owned by Armadyl and at one point used by the Guthixian Juna."

Nothing says that there is only one quill. Given what we know about Armadyl, it is likely that he has a winged or feathered form, and those feathers could be used to make quills.

3. "It appears that is has since been stolen by the Mahjarrat Lucien, although to what end is unknown. "
Again, nothing suggests that there is only one quill, or that it is the same quill that Juna used. What Lucien says most likely means that he ripped out one of Armadyl's feathers in a battle and kept it as a trophy.

4. "Lucien mentions that he wrote the letter using the Quill of Armadyl"

No he doesn't, he mentions using a quill ripped from Armadyl.

Anyway, this page really shouldn't be here at all and should be deleted. The information that the two sources actually provide amount to "Armadyl has feathers, Juna once wrote with one and Lucien ripped one out and uses it to write with". Really not significant or deserving of an entire page.

Zeppeli 21:48, May 11, 2010 (UTC)