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Just a thought[edit source]

Ya know, when you think about how he was killed, it really wrenches your heart out and stomps it into the dust. When the quest begins, the player meets Orlando outside of a temple excavation, where Orlando is having to work single-handedly to open the temple. He is in a poor state, penniless, and desperately needs success in this dig to even be recognized by his archeology peers anymore.

Asking for the player’s help, the player manages to effortlessly open the temple door (as if they was the man destined to do so). They enter the temple and Orlando suggests that they find something to bring back to Verrock as proof of his find. Easy enough, right? Nothing seems to work, though, until they come across a simple artifact: a butterfly sculpture. Again, Orlando is unable to manipulate it, but the player is.

A huge door opens and another room is revealed, but at the same time a magical alarm is triggered. Considering it nothing, since the inhabitants of the temple were likely long dead, Orlando and the Player enter this room, where they suddenly are surrounded by the guardians of the temple, mechanized beings of stone known as Automatons. They start shouting that one of them is a Mahjarrat, a dark humanoid being known for their superior power and intellect. Neither of them being Mahjarrat, they argue with the Automatons, who repeatedly warn them that they will become aggressive if the Mahjarrat presence does not leave. In his last moment of desperation, Orlando approaches one of them and begs them to not attack because they are not Mahjarrat. At this, another Automaton opens fire on Orlando and kills him in one shot.

If this doesn’t strike you as horrible, then picture this: You are a young explorer who is working for a prestigious institution, but your luck hasn’t been good as of late and before long you won’t be able to stay with the institute. You start to run out of money, to where you can barely support yourself, and so you go on a search to find some miracle breakthrough that can save you. As fate would have it, you do find such a breakthrough; an ancient temple. With newfound hope, you try to open the doors but find that you cannot. Before your glimmer of hope slips you, an adventurer passes by and offers to help. Lo-and-behold, the door opens for him and you step into a temple telling of ancient history that you would have never suspected before. You ask the adventurer to get you proof, but the proof leads deeper into the temple… and into a trap. You are ambushed by some unknown monster, who thinks you are something you are not. You cannot get away like this, so you beg of them, grovel even, to see you for what you are - a human, a low life human who only desires to get out of the hole he is in - and let them go.

And then your life is ripped away from you in two seconds.

He had nothing and did nothing wrong, and his life was taken just like that. I don’t think I need to say any more on the matter. Scaper12123 (talk) 23:33, May 24, 2013 (UTC)

The feels are strong with this one :( --Recent uploads SpineTalkGuest book 00:17, May 25, 2013 (UTC)