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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Killing abyssal demons page.

Abyssal demon money making guide alterations[edit source]

so, i really like doing abby demons and the guide really doesn't represent the reality anymore. Skill requirements are ok, but items, suggested quests and optional items need additional info for a good guide. Also the input and output are just plain wrong. Since i can't make heads or tails on how to edit a wiki page i will leave all the info and calculations in this post and hope someone with the knowhow can update the guide.

skills: 85 slayer (boostable) 70+ combat (138 recommended) 85+ attack (for lance) 70+ defence (for dragon rider outfit)

items: -gem bag upgrade -Spring cleaner 2000 or above -halbert type weapon (dragon rider lance or noxious scythe) -dragon rider outfit and amulet or other equipment with good prayer bonus -other prayer equiment (illuminated god book, tirannwn quiver)

quests: The Temple at Senntisten highly recommended for Ancient Curses One of a kind highly recommended for dragon rider outfit and amulet

other optional items: ancient elven ritual shard if Super prayer renewal doses don't last for 6min or just to reduce the cost of Super prayer renewal potions prayer can be kept up with a combo of attuned ectoplasmator and demon horn necklace, though it costs a lot more. high alching runes can be used instead of magic notepaper Luck of the dwarves (HSR chance) Gold accumulator, though not needed since all items fall within area loot distance pack jak with winter storage

input: 1.67 x aggroverload (242,354) 1.67 x Super prayer renewal potion (6) (21,638) 28.13 x Spring (185,400) 168.76 x magic notepaper (251,621) total: 701,013

output: 543,375 x Coins (543,375) 6708 x Pure essence (147,572) 84.38 x Fire orb (348,975) 42.19 x Uncut diamond (109,814) 14.06 x Uncut dragonstone (168,848) 98.44 x Uncut ruby (120,291) 253.13 x Magic logs (99,478) 84.38 x Medium bladed adamant salvage (622,604) 56.25 x Tiny spiky rune salvage (393,075) 28.13 x Large plated rune salvage (869,766) 28.13 x Tiny plated rune salvage (199,097) 84.38 x Adamantite stone spirit (4,725) 14.06 x Runite stone spirit (7,369) 0.88 x Abyssal whip (61,260) total:3,696,249

total profit = 2,995,236 INFO at this moment springs cost 6592 each. High alching Medium bladed adamant salvage for 6000 each using the spring cleaner is therefore disadventageous. The tiny rune salvages high alch for 8000 each, so using the spring cleaner for these doens't make you lose money, but you do lose most of your profits. These three types of salvages are therefore best noted with magic notepaper or high alched with runes.

high alching with runes vs magic notepaper: Medium bladed adamant salvage: high alching input: 1045 x 84.38 = 88,177 high alching output: 6000 x 84.38 = 506,280 high alching profit: 418,103 magic notepaper input: 1491 x 84.38 = 125,810 magic notepaper output: 7379 x 84.38 = 622,604 magic notepaper profit: 496,794

tiny spiky & plated rune salvage: high alching input: 1045 x 84.38 = 88,177 high alching output: 8000 x 84.38 = 675,040 high alching profit: 586,863 magic notepaper input: 1491 x 84.38 = 125,810 magic notepaper output: (2/3 x 7022 + 1/3 x 7080) x 84.38 = 594120 magic notepaper profit: 468,310

From this short calculation you can choose to maximize profit by noting the Medium bladed adamant salvage and high alching the tiny spiky & plated rune salvage. Alternatively one can use a pack jak with winter storage scrolls to store up to 150 salvage per hour. Medium bladed adamant salvage also disassembles in a number of usefull components which can be done for free with the spring cleaner. 2A02:A03F:50F5:6300:C840:505C:DF36:FAEB 19:17, 4 September 2019 (UTC)