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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Crafting nature runes with spirit graahk page.

Would it be worth it to use Small Pouches as well?[edit source]

I know it only stores 3 essences but if I were to use presets, it would still require banking 3 times before leaving the bank (even without smalls). So that means that filling a small is only less than a tick of work. Puretppc (talk) 03:05, October 4, 2014 (UTC)

Bullshit calculations?[edit source]

So I looked at your calculations and something seems a bit off for me... I will sum up my results.

If you use massive pouches minus small pouches one trip will take you 60 seconds. All the pouches minus small can carry 45 essence + 24 essence in your inventory. That means in one hour you can use up maximum 60 x 69 = 4140 essence. However you also need to get the massive pouches first.

It will take you roughly 1 hour to get massive pouches for 2 hours of runecrafting. Therefore if you add up the span time you will get to 2 hours of rc x 4140 essence used divided by 3 hours total including span = 2760 essence used per hour in actual runecrafting.

If you use all pouches expect for the massive one trip will take you roughly 55 seconds. That means you will be able to carry only 54 essence but you won't spend 1 additional hour at span and you will be able to make 6 extra trips per hour.

Your result will be 3600 / 55 * 54 = 3560 essence used per hour.

In order to get the best possible result you have to use only giant, large and small pouch. This will allow you to cut your bank time even more and do a trip between 45 and 50 seconds. Let's take an average of 47,5 for the calculations. 

You will be able to carry 24 essence in pouches and 25 in inventory, so the result will be 3600 / 47,5 * 49 = 3724 essence used.

Raizen80.188.122.182 22:40, December 9, 2014 (UTC)

Updated guide because it is slightly outdated[edit source]

Just thought I would drop by and update this page, because there has been discussion over which pouches to use. As of today, it is easily best to use all pouches (not massive) because your pouches empty automatically and you can fill pouches from inside bank aswell, meaning you only have to open bank once.

This method is really easy now with action bar and keybinds, almost semi-afk after you've done a few hundred rounds.

Wondering if I should add tip on using Surge and clicking on map before landing to increase speed of running. 14:31, April 1, 2016 (UTC) Wilfer, 99 RC by doing nats in the old days :)