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Archaeology[edit source]

With the release of this new skill, a couple of epic perks have come out that are very useful to Runecrafters. Pouch Protector prevents pouches from degrading, which eliminates the need for the Repair Rune Pouch Spell or NPC Contact. If running abyssals, it also saves time running to the middle and contacting the Dark Mage. This perk requires 36 Arch, and the completion of the Zamorakian I collection to recieve the relic Threads of Fate.

Even more powerful is the Nexus Mod perk, allowing the player to always arrive in the center of the abyss and completely skipping the obstacles. This skill vastly increases output per hour, especially if the player combines with Pouch Protector to never have to stop at Dark Mage. Nexus Mod requires 68 Arch, and the Abyssal Gatestone relic (source unknown, might be randomly generated).

Thatonecoolkid99 (talk) 04:03, 1 April 2020 (UTC) HahahaDEAD, Assistant Archaeologist