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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Collecting limpwurt roots page.

Timings[edit source]

A bit faster transport to and from spawn area in Edgeville Dungeon for F2P players:

I noticed in the article that it takes 250 seconds using Varrock Bank or Grand Exchange. But by using Scull Sceptre you can spawn outside of Stronghold of Security and it takes about 45 seconds to travel from there into spawn area. From Spawn area you teleport to Edgeville Lodestone, run to Bank and deposit, then use Scull Sceptre again (another 45 seconds).

Hence, it takes approx. 90 seconds to do the round trip.

Real time measurement of collecting 27 limpwurt roots (since 1 slot is needed for Brass Key) is 395 seconds. So to summarize, the time it takes to travel and collect is 485 seconds (about 8 minutes). In that time you get 202 roots per hour. Current GE sell price is 1.813.- (26. July 2019) so hourly profit could be up to 366.226.-

p.s. In article it seems that the collection of roots isn't taken into account when calculating collection time and profits which would lessen hourly profit.

Ignito (talk) 16:20, 26 July 2019 (UTC)