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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Charging water orbs page.

BoB inclusion[edit source]

I know you guys might have your reasons to not include this but if you had a pack yak you could make an extra couple hundred thousand using it.…


  • Presets of wielding one water staff, excess of cosmic runes, and 27 unpowered orbs
  • One War Tortoise (I don't have the summoning level, but this could be easily extrapolated to Pack Yak) with 5 empty slots, rest with unpowered orbs
  • 80 agility shortcut

Here's the breakdown of a trip I recorded for example purposes (parentheses are my recorded time using stopwatch):

  • 15s (12.85) to get to bank from Taverley
  • 25s (24.31) to bank presets (I was shaking really hard from other problems, so realistically it should be around 15s)
  • 65s (1:03.99) to get to Obelisk from bank
  • 100s (1:36.32) to charge 27 inventory orbs
  • 12s (8.98, 10.38, & 14.25) to switch out charged orbs with uncharged
  • 20s (18.90 & 18.15) to charge the 5 orbs, and 11s (10.96) to charge the last three (since I used the War Tortoise)
  • 20s (18.91) to teleport back to lodestone (quicker if you use quick teleport, also I misclicked so I wasted around 5s)

For a total of 312s. This gives us an error of 14.00s (4% error) of an already overestimated time (~5%) relative to fastest time possible, which means this should represent the average round-trip of any user pretty well.

For a pack yak (although I haven't tried this out myself), this means there is 12x5 (60s) overhead for an extra 25 orbs (almost an entire inventory more), or 2.4s per orb. Considering without it the rate is 4.6s overhead per orb (i.e. 125s for 27 orbs) this is almost a two-fold increase in efficiency. In total, this would mean ~485 orbs per hour (11.5 trips per hour x 52 orbs per trip = 486 orbs per hour) whereas without pack yak it would mean ~435 orbs per hour (16 trips x 27 orbs = 432 orbs).

If you did 15 orbs and 15 empty spaces, that would decrease overhead to 12s and reduce per trip extra to 15 orbs, which would result in 0.8s overhead per orb, a 5-fold increase in efficiency for those 15 orbs. This method would yield 505 orbs an hour (300s for 42 orbs, meaning 12 trips per hour x 42 orbs per trip = 504 orbs).

And this is with overestimating the trip time by a few seconds each (about 10% more), so it might be at most 100k-110k gp more per hour if you paid really close attention, which would more than cover the cost of time taken for recharging summ points (about 90s to run to Pikkupstix and back, so 1m gp per hour / 3600 seconds per hour * 90 seconds needed per hour = 26.5k gp per hour effective profit spent for recharging) and pouches (60 minutes per hour / 58 minutes per pouch * 4056gp per pouch = 4196gp per hour).

All this doesn't even consider the Tokkul-Zo/Ring of Duelling banking method, which would shave 40s (15%) off the time and earn even more money.

While 100k-200k gp may not be too much to rich players, for players needing cash it might add up and be worth mentioning. I won't add it in now just in case I break a rule if I did. 23:50, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

The guide is geared towards lower level players. We expect players with access to a pack yak to be attempting higher-level and better methods. That said, war tortoises are probably accessible to the target audience here, and would likely make a good addition if you'd like to add it. MolMan 23:57, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

Dungeoneering cape hellhound dungeon teleport for more trips/h. -- 21:39, May 27, 2018 (UTC)A

Taverly bank improvements[edit source]

If you're not using the dungeoneering cape teleport to the hellhounds to get to the Taverley dungeon, it seems the fastest way to get there is from the Taverley loadstone. Since there is a bank in between the loadstone and the agility shortcut to get to the entrance, wouldn't it be better to bank in Taverley, since you're running through there anyways? Or is there another, faster, way into the dungeon? Either way, I think an update should be made reflecting this.

I only did one run, playing as best I could, but I was able to do a full run in 175 seconds. Some quick math says that's, on average, another 30 orbs per hour

Slateblu1 (talk) 19:38, 16 May 2020 (UTC)