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You can make more money doing this. Hey Gaz, Aorpheat here. After some experimenting, I found out you can easily get another 400-500K out of this by using the spell "Prism of Restoration" to save scrolls. They last 40 seconds a piece so you don't have to pay too much attention to keeping them up, keeping with the lax nature of the method as a whole. You can even make even MORE money if someone else is casting them since it's an AOE buff. SOmething that'd be worth adding to the entry, I think. 13:08, July 20, 2016 (UTC)

Further Research[edit source]

Upon doing another solid hour of this method, adding in using the Prism of Restoration and these were my findings:

Inputs[edit source]

* 97 Nightmare Muspah Pouches
* 396 Summoning Potion (4)
* 164 Blood Runes
* 492 Soul Runes
* 492 Astral Runes

Outputs[edit source]

(this is in pure gp since the energies are gone from my history, but the numbers were around 19K Incandescent and 6.6K each of radiant, luminous and elder.)


Extra Info[edit source]

Note, since the Nightmare muspah lasts exactly 58 minutes, that gives two minutes to make all the scrolls you intend to use in an hour, which idealy should be done during the amlodd VOS so you get 12 scrolls per pouch. As you can make the amount of scrolls needed for an hour of this within those two minutes, it doesn't at all hinder your GP/HR.

Conclusion[edit source]

In the end, I made approximately 6,252,983GP within the hour. I never wound up selling the portents of degredation, they just don't seem to sell so I'm ignoring them for the most part. I hope these findings help to refine this money-making article. It may also be worth noting that if you do this alongside someone also placing prisms, there's no need to cast your own and thus you can remove the runes from the supply cost and thus gain an extra 400K or so per hour. I can try to get more exact info later the more I do this so there can be better averages of the expected energies you can obtain.

-Aorpheat 15:47, July 20, 2016 (UTC)

Approximate Averages[edit source]

After doing the method I outlined for several hours, here is the approximate average I came to regarding items used and gained:

Inputs[edit source]

90 x Nightmare Muspah Pouch (89 made into scrolls during amlodd vos)

504 x Soul Rune

504 x Astral Rune

168 x Blood Rune

380 x Summoning Potion (4)

Outputs[edit source]

19,250 x Incandescent Energy

6,500 x Radiant Energy

6,500 x Luminous Energy

6,500 x Elder Energy

30 x Portent of Degredation (they take forever to sell, but seem to sell)

The Method[edit source]

First, spend less than two minutes making the scrolls you'll be using for the hour. this MUST be done during Amlodd VOS. Next, have a loadout ready that contains the following: scrolls, runes for Prism of Restoration, the rest of the slots filled with Summoning Potion (4)'s. I recommend going to the Lumbridge Combat Academy because it's outside and you can easily place prisms there. Next, quickly summon your nightmare muspah, immediately put down a prism an start going to town. I found it easiest to go back and forth between my hotkeys for activating the special move and sipping my potions at around the same speed as the special move bar moves back and forth. Repeat for 58 minutes until the muspah goes away, putting down prisms regularly to save your scrolls. I usually take all the energy from my muspah at less than 1 minute remaining, then pick up the remainder of energy you generate past that once it disappears and the energy pops up on the floor.

Conclusion[edit source]

I hope all this info helps to further refine the money-making article on this method!

-Aorpheat 12:50, July 21, 2016 (UTC)