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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Brewing greenman's ale page.

Coins/hour[edit source]

Needs to factor in time spent on Trouble Brewing. Rich Farmbrough, 01:05 4 January 2014 (UTC).

Difficulty in obtaining "the stuff"[edit source]

This guide doesn't take into account the fact that obtaining "the stuff" is very, very difficult, since no one plays the trouble brewing mini game at all. Brainwasher5 (talk) 04:06, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

Realistic profit is therefore around half of this (still respectable), since you can't get a game unless you specifically have friends that play this. Brainwasher5 (talk) 05:19, October 14, 2014 (UTC)

There is no need to do the Trouble Brewing minigame anymore. "The stuff" can be bought for 2 thaler apiece. It simply requires you play 10 minutes of a minigame. While that would arguably cut the profit/hour by two thirds (since it adds 10 minutes to the 5 minutes it takes to gather/brew the ale), people typically have thaler saved up anyway, and thaler doesn't exactly have a value, given that it is untradeable. Redreign (talk) 14:53, December 26, 2015 (UTC)

This is blatantly out of date, and not auto-updating[edit source]

Output is listed as 400k for mature barrels...this is not even close to accurate (it's 25k per)...this should not be here Liosrakia (talk) 09:13, 30 October 2018 (UTC)

It's up-to-date, I think you're confused by the fact that the MMG uses the four dose, and you looked at the price of one dose instead of the 4 dose. As one dose is indeed 25k while four dose appears to be ~400k. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 09:55, 30 October 2018 (UTC)