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This talk page is for discussing the Lederhosen outfit page.

Untitled[edit source]

I haven't done much, if any, editing. I don't feel comfortable reworking this page, but any of us who currently play Runescape, should know that you can no longer get Lederhosen from the Freaky Forester. He only gives a random event gift box now, which you can use to save up for the clothing, if you so choose. --Kyronwashere 11:31, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

Translation[edit source]

The note at the bottom of the page referring to the "mis-translation" between the German and English versions of the game is incorrect. The hat, is, in fact, a "Tyrolian" hat, not a "lederhosen hat"(which, as already stated, translates to leather-pants, and is certainly NOT the name of the hat, but the name of the SET...thus the ENGLISH version of the game is incorrect). 05:09, June 20, 2010 (UTC)Yum-Youw