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Weapon type[edit source]

what weapon type is this?--Cosmic rune.png Peckham33 Talk Chaos rune.png 13:03, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

--- While the weapon stats are similar to the dragon longsword, the speed is equal to that of the dragon scimitar. This is now the best one-handed non-chaotic strength training weapon in the game. Also, the attack types are scimitar-type - accurate slash, aggressive slash, controlled stab, defensive slash. Its stab bonus is slightly less than, but its strength bonus is greater than the leaf-bladed sword, making it also the best non-chaotic stab weapon in the game. -Tomomi

It's not the best strength training weapon nor the best stabbing weapon. Saradomin sword's are better for strength training, zamorakian spears are better for stabbing, and you didn't say anything about degradable armour either, vesta's longsword is considerably better. It's basically a slightly better dragon scimitar.

--- Zamorakian spears and Saradomin Swords cannot be wielded together with spirit shields or dragonfire shields. When wielded together with a rune defender, the advantage of the Zamorakian spear is only +5 stab attack (and it suffers from defense) and the advantage of the Saradomin Sword is only +7 Strength (and it loses from both defense and 7 slash attack). While Vesta's longsword, the Chaotic Longsword, the Chaotic Rapier and the Abyssal Whip are stronger than Korasi's Sword, it has the most useful special attack, it trains strength where the whip cannot, it does not degrade unlike the Chaotic Longsword, Chaotic Rapier or Vesta's Longsword and it does not suffer a damage malus against the Corporeal Beast like the Chaotic weapons do. When paired with the proper shield/defender, it can do a lot of harm. I fully expect to see this update dropping the prices of the SS, ZS, DS, DL and LBS due to its relative power, and to see people starting to fight the Corporeal Beast with this as the primary weapon rather than the ZS/LBS at present. - Tomomi