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This talk page is for discussing the Jagex Clan Cup 2010 page.

Jagex Cup 2010 Combat Sub-divisions[edit source]

There were subdivisions in the combat cup and its missing information. I'll add the off-site links here but in the main article I'll just make use of the runescape clan pages of the respective clans.


Notable Jagex Cup 2010 Rules[edit source]

As with the previous Jagex Cup 2009, no-multiclanning rule was strictly imposed and clans with shared members were either disqualified or not allowed to sign up.

Additionaly there were controversies in the Combined Cup competition where rules were changed during the competition to prevent cheating.

The skilling cup contained "buddy skills" which was confusing to most participants in the competition and was later removed in Jagex Cup 2011.

Another important thing worth noting is the set of rules for Jagex Cup 2010 since it affects the competition and clans signing up. Here is a backup for future reference.

By the time Jagex Cup 2010 was held, Runescape Name changes were introduced into the game and there was an abuse of mass name changes by clans to make it difficult for opposing clans to call pile on a single target. Lack of rules preventing this behaviour caused controversy but the issue was addressed in Jagex Cup 2011.

Live Memberlists[edit source]

Jagex mentioned that there would be live memberlists similar to Runehead but the feature was not available for anyone throughout Jagex Cup 2010. Instead, clan member lists were posts made by Jagex Moderators in a stickied forum thread.