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Invigorate vs Inspiration[edit source]

So awhile back when Inspiration and Penance and such came out i grabbed Inspiration, cause of course who doesnt want another claw spec more often and such. But now Greater Invigorate and such have come out and I feel like I kinda got cheated out of buying something to only have it made useless but something at the same price.
Anyone know the comparrision of if Inspiration is even viable compared to Greater Invigorate or for that matter Master or normal. Just feel like these Auras are coming out faster than they can shake a stick at and make the ones that we all bought early on into the Loyalty system useless way to fast. ~ Demons Grace, 13-Mar-2012 22:34:27

2%/30 seconds vs. .5%/hit (assuming what I've heard about inspiration being .5%/hit and not .2%) would give inspiration a pretty big advantage in situations like slayer.
However at like bandos or whatever where you can get an extra 4% from invigorate just waiting on spawn it can be a bit iffy.
I'd say inspiration for small groups/solo's and invig. for massing/medium+groups as you're getting less hits in. ~ Xx 0o1o0 Xx, 13-Mar-2012 22:39:24:

If you're using a rapier then in a perfect situation you could make 1,500 attacks in 1 hr meaning inspiration would provide a total of 750% special points during its activation time. Whereas Greater invigorate only provides 360% special points over its activation time. Even master invigorate only gives 600% during its duration.
Then if you add that Inspiration works on D claw specs, dds specs, vine whip specs, and Ancient magic and counts EVERY attack and that it can restore special even faster if you're using Darts there is no contest, inspiration wins out. ~ Pinkbunny984, 14-Mar-2012 05:24:37

^That's assuming every attack hits though right? So for something with high defense, wouldn't invigorate be better? ~ panlr, 14-Mar-2012 05:31:56

Yeah i suppose i was just thinking of slayer. On bosses invigorate will probably be better. ~ Xx 0o1o0 Xx, 14-Mar-2012 06:03:44