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Oo'glog area flowers work[edit source]

I've confirmed that the flowers in the Oo'glog area work. These were used in the As a First Resort... quest.

Benefits: Much cheaper than wasting money on other flowers.

Propose: Add more detailed info about all flowers, either here, or on Flowers page (under new section "Other flowers" and have a link to there from here. Anyways, here's a preliminary table of data.


Icon Flower Price
Black flowers.png Black flowers 4,715
Blue flowers.png Blue flowers 3,180
Fever grass.png Fever grass 492
Flowers (mixed).png Flowers (mixed) 2,941
Flowers (pastel).png Flowers (pastel) 3,327
Lavender.png Lavender 488
Marigolds.png Marigolds 5,666
Nasturtiums.png Nasturtiums 2,055
Orange flowers.png Orange flowers 2,535
Primweed.png Primweed 522
Purple flowers.png Purple flowers 2,589
Red flowers.png Red flowers 3,974
Stinkbloom.png Stinkbloom 517
Tansymum.png Tansymum 226
White flowers.png White flowers 38,488
Yellow flowers.png Yellow flowers 2,651

Untested flowers:

Icon Flower Price
Rosemary.png Rosemary 1,988
Woad leaf 5.png Woad leaf 25
White lily.png White lily 1 mole skin

Tested not working:

  • Limpwurt root isn't a flower, but was grown in flower patch, so I figured it was worth a test to be thorough.
  • Also tested Cave nightshade, does not work. It is a flower, but has other uses in Herblore as a poison tertiary.

Warp9pnt9 08:03, October 3, 2011 (UTC)