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Not a Bank??[edit source]

I stumbled upon Ian today while looking for snow implings in the wildy on f2p worlds. On my mini-map, he's indicated as a bank, but when I right click, there's no bank option. I took a screenshot to prove I'm not crazy.

Slare2prare4 (talk) 21:33, November 13, 2017 (UTC)

This was in the patch notes of 9 October 2017. His banking option (and so was William's) was removed in free worlds probably to prevent free players from collecting blue dragonhides and dragon bones too easily from the nearby blue dragons that became free-to-play in the same update. Same story for William, but then for the nearby red dragons and possibly also the Chaos Elemental. I have edited both pages.The Green Butterfly (talk) 21:45, March 1, 2018 (UTC)