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"When standing in the southern edge of the lowest part of the Saradomin Encampment, you can see an underwater area to the south using the Orb."

Here's the quote:

There is a gap in between the Armadyl and Saradomin areas of the God Wars Dungeon, and there is also a frozen door there. Is there going to be a new God Wars dungeon anytime soon? I have heard it may be Zaros... I have also heard that bubbles can be seen in this place when in the Saradomin God Wars boss room. Does this mean, if there is a new God Wars, that it will be underwater?

iKavin x

I would like to add more to the God Wars Dungeon. What you are referring to are graphics that we created for when the God Wars Dungeon was first launched, but which we didn’t use. We originally planned to have an underwater dungeon on the way to the Zamorak area, but it was changed to just a short swim across a pond due to time constraints and the fact that it wasn’t really needed.
Mod Mark

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