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Untitled[edit source]

The trivia states its hate looks like a cav, lol it doesnt XD

it does look like one of those circus hat(ringmaster and one of those audience hats :P) Armadyl godsword.pngRickuzumaki TCEWoodcutting-icon.png 16:33, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

acctually if you knwo anything at all you would know that the cavalier hats in runescape look nothing like what they should and his had indeed looks more like a cavalier than the others..infact his entire look seems to be that of a cavalier sligltly toned down.

Rapier[edit source]

Seriously, someone actually wrote this???

"Harrallak seems to have a connection with the Dungeoneering boss Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter because Harrallak's weapon of choice is a rapier and Har'Lakk's drops are rapiers"

The most bullshit I've heard in a long time, it sounds like a conspiracy theory! I'm removing it.