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Untitled[edit source]

These rewards suck. I thought the reason for the revamp was to make people want to do these things. Who wants to burn 100s of shades in the off chance they'll get a gold key, and then have the off chance of receiving one of the new items. It doesn't make sense. Really? A mithril skirt? It's rediculous.

Drop Rarity[edit source]

Just a bit of info for working out the rarity. I got 12 gold keys from burning 608 shades. My loot from those keys, as well as one more, are as follows-

shade skull

856 coins, diamond ring

686 coins, adamant warhammer, 36 swamp paste

1628 coins, 6 blood rune

2320 coins, fine cloth

rune long

611 coins, mith skirt

2171 coins, adamant spear (p)

837 coins diamond ring

1590 coins, adamant spear (p)

dragon battle-axe

3025 coins, necromancer kit

coins, adamant body

Sugarwolf--X 23:32, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

Here's the loot from my next round of burning. I'm changing the apparent drop rate on the main page because it seems fairly obvious when looking at these that it's making the key sound two times more rare than it really is. 25 gold keys / 917 shades burnt.

1. DBA

2. power amulet, 1384 coins

3. 7 blood runes, 1440 coins

4. adamant spear (p) 1785 coins

5. fine cloth, 1082 coins

6. diamond ring, 83 coins

7. 11 runite ore

8. adamant platebody

9. battlestaff

10. battlestaff

11. 2 fine cloth, 2123 coins

12. 47 blood runes

13. 4 fine cloth, 2021 coins

14. adamant platebody

15. 3 fine cloth, 1646 coins

16. 1 fine cloth, 2688 coins

17. 3 fine cloth, 2367 coins

18. adamant sq shield, 1279 coins

19. diamon ring, 1310 coins

20. fine cloth, 1832 coins

21. necromancer kit, 1882 coins

22. shade skull, 3007 coins

23. adamant spear (p), 1775 coins

24. battlestaff

25. 5 blood runes, 1394 coins

26. necromancer kit, 1891 coins 00:24, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

Response to drop rarity:

I think the drop rarity is acurate, if not, described as too common. Since the release of the bonfires, I've spammed firemaking to 80 so i could get the necromancer kits... but so far, I've burned nearly 200 fiyr shades and not recieved a single gold key! Not happy!

It took me 35 gold keys to obtain 3 necromancer kits and 1 shade skull. This is a result of burning 423 tortured souls on elder pyre logs. 5-x Talk 09:49, March 7, 2015 (UTC)