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This talk page is for discussing the General store page.

Newcomer Map[edit source]

The text states that a newcomers map will be available in any general store, yet the image shown doesn't have that item. This seems like something of a contradiction.MrRedwood 05:12, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

The only General Store I know of that had a Newcomer Map was Lumbridge. Mind you, this is going back a bit, when I still needed one... JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 06:54, 6 October 2006 (UTC)

Prices linked to Grand Exchange[edit source]

With the introduction of the Grand Exchange, prices at the general store "player stock" are linked somehow to the Grand Exchange price. Is there any confirmation of this, and how can this be listed in this article?

I'm still not sure how the prices that the general store pays for everything when you sell it to the store relate to how much you pay for it when you buy them from the store.

As an editorial comment, I think it is no longer useful to buy things at the general store except as an occasional quick thing... and the kinds of things that seem to remain in the stores seem to be quite a bit different than from before the G.E. update.

One interesting arbitrage opportunity exists between general store prices and the grand exchange, is when the price of an item is rising very quickly. Since the General Store sells things for the "average" G.E. price, you can buy that item (such as cooked anchovies is one I've done this with) from a general store and sell them on the exchange for a profit. The trick is to know what prices are rising quickly like this.

Otherwise, the current usage of the general store is of dubious value compared to what it once was... a place to buy things that were cheap and to sell things for even less. If you were trying to clean out your bank account, a general store proved useful. The problem is that nobody is buying from the general stores any more except for some clueless newbies or people who aren't paying attention to the changes. Now how to work that into this article and try to maintain some sort of NPOV/objective tone to the article. --Robert Horning 04:58, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

Formula that determines the cost of stuff[edit source]

I've been doing some research and i've found some things about about how the sell price of the shop goes down. My research covered SELLING items to them only. I found that

  1. The cost decreases at the same rate until about 22 items, where the price drops slower till 23, where it stays the same.
  2. The rate it drops by is roughly 1/27.5 of the price of 0 in stock.
    1. The rate it drops at 22 is half of that rate
  3. The sell price of items is rounded down to 2 decimal places for figuring out the next one.
  4. The sell price of items is rounded down to 0 decimal places for the actual price

I'll figure out a formula later but i also need to check another important point, which is that the Fishing colony general store apparently has higher prices than others.

General Store running[edit source]

I've started making a guide to running around to the general stores to sell large quantaties of items that general stores pay more money for then ge. They are just lists at the moment and I am going to add a walkthrough, but I am after people's opinions if it is acceptable to add to the general store page. The lists are as follows :

Items needed

Air staff, mud staff, Fire runes 3, Law runes 8, water rune 1, earth rune 1, Dramen staff, broom, light source, tinder box, games necklace, Enchanted Lyre, charos ring, bananna, monkey gree gree, monkeyspeak amulet, teleport crystal, ectophile, ghost speak necklace.

From GE/start

Varrock, Tree Gnome Village (members), Keldagrim (members), Edgeville.

Fairy Ring

Zanaris (members), Miscellania (members), Canifis (members), Piscatoris Fishing Colony (members), Nardah (members), Pollnivneach (members).


Al-Kharid, Lumbridge, Dorgesh-Kaan (members), Catherby (members), Burthorpe (members), Lighthouse (members), Falador, Rimmington, Void Knights' Outpost (members), Karamja (Musa Point), West Ardougne (members), East Ardougne (members), Tai Bwo Wannai (members), Shilo Village (members), Ape Atoll (members), Lletya (members), Port Phasmatys (members), Gu'Tanoth (members), Port Khazard (2)(linked!) (members). Too hard to reach easily Bandit Camp (desert) (members), Bandit Camp (wilderness), Burgh de Rott (members), Dwarven Mine Lunar Isle (members), Mort'ton (members), Tyras Camp (members).

I look forward to hearing your opinions. ty.

General Store Profit Calculator[edit source]

I made this for personal use, would like to share with the community:

Item Buy Sell Profit
Empty pot Empty pot 1 28 27
Jug Jug 1 54 53
Shears Shears 1 24 23
Bucket Bucket 2 230 228
Bowl Bowl 4 166 162
Cake tin Cake tin 13 63 50
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1 468 467
Chisel Chisel 14 53 39
Hammer Hammer 13 391 378
Newcomer map Newcomer map 1 185 184
Security book Security book 2 286 284

Thanks thats actually really good, i'll see if i can add it somewhere.Hunter cape (t).png Sentra246Blue hallowe'en mask.png 08:37, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

The pointed hats that Rasolo sells (West of fishing guild near Desert treasure area) sell for about 300 more at G.E than store price.

You can only buy 10 at a time but its near the skills teleport to fishing guild and worth it