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This talk page is for discussing the From Across the Keramos page.

Unable to collect gnomeballs the intended way[edit source]

Gnomeballs are currently still taken from you when you leave the pitch even after scoring 5 points. But you can keep a ball without scoring 5 points by following these steps:

1. Bring as much magic notepaper as you want and enter the pitch through the gate

2. Talk to the referee to start the game ("I just want to play.") and receive a ball, you should be unable to un-equip it

3. Walk onto the space just inside the gate, without clicking the gate to leave, you'll get the message "You hear the ref call you out of the game as you leave." and the ball should be taken away.

4. Talk to the referee again ("I just want to play.") to receive another ball.

5. Stand on the space one block east of the space you stood on to have the ball removed. (directly south of the white flowers.)

6. You should now be able to un-equip the ball while inside the gnomeball pitch.

7. Use the notepaper on the ball, and leave through the gate to start over at step 1.

Flucus (talk) 18:21, 20 May 2020 (UTC)

Untitled[edit source]

So I'm pretty sure this achievment can be compleated by taking a gnomeball from the gnomeball course and shooting it on the golden hoops in the stadium at Everlight. You are definetly able to shoot the gnomeball one the golden hoops, but I have tried 8 times and missed all my shots. I have tried on both goals 4 times.

Air Head DLX (talk) 21:41, 31 March 2020 (UTC)

Throwing attempts[edit source]

I see "

  • Throwing accuracy may be effected by Ranged equipment accuracy bonus, Ranged prayer boost, Ranged potion boost, or your Ranged level." was deleted.. My friend completed the achievement within ~5 ball throws, this should be worked on to be verified by others, as others it seemed to be taking 10+ throws. (Sword0 (talk) 15:42, 11 April 2020 (UTC))

Took me 7 attempts with no ranged gear on. I don't think we can make any assumptions with such a small amount of data. So unless Jagex confirms something I don't think we'll be able to determine what affects it for now at least. Sacrilegious (talk) 23:32, 27 April 2020 (UTC)

I've tried 25 times so far at 90 range with no success. 15 times were with no armor and no boosts. 10 times were with ranged armor and a super ranged potion. Flucus (talk) 17:10, 20 May 2020 (UTC)

For me it took around 25 attempts at 99 ranged with some basic ranged armour on. I find it unlikely that there are some hidden requirements like discussed above; just a fairly low chance like 1/10 or something. Thingummywut (talk) 15:21, 6 September 2020 (UTC)