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This talk page is for discussing the Free-to-play Runecrafting training page.

Untitled[edit source]

I'd like to rewrite large sections of this page, to make it similar to other training guides. The page lacks NPOV and is hard to get a good impression of how to train rc. Also, is there any particular reason the page isn't linked to from the rc page? --Serenity1137 20:24, 10 June 2009 (UTC) (if no one replies in a week or so I'll start making edits)

I am currently gathering information for a revamp of this page, if you want to discuss what should be done/ask what I'm planning to do/help out, post here or on my talk page --Serenity1137 08:58, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

This page is currently being revamped[edit source]

Sorry for its terribleness at present, It may look similarly bad for a couple of weeks months. --Serenity1137 10:48, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

Several months is way too costly. I recommend restoring the page and doing the work on your sandbox. Rewlf2 09:15, 12 July 2009 (UTC)

Runecrafting ???[edit source]

Look at the Runecrafting page it is very different. This page only has ways of training. That one has 1 to 99. Im runecrafting a lot so mabee i could help? —Manyman (talk) 07:59, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

That page should not contain training guides, but many people insisted to add some training guide, which should all belong to this page. I would be very graceful if you can help transferring info to here. Rewlf2 14:28, 24 August 2009 (UTC)
I've got to give credit to Manyman. Originally I was going to move the guide over from the general Runecrafting page for F2P training, and instead I simply revamped the whole idea and got rid of recommended activities at certain levels. I don't know if such a guide might be useful, but the one that was written is also obsolete due to changes in the Runescape economy... particularly with the removal of unlimited stock stores including the Rune stores. I also did a major rewrite on the general Runecrafting article to give a summary of F2P training, but not really going into specifics.
I hope this helps out. Certainly the calculators have opened my eyes about some interesting possibilities that I hadn't thought of before. --Robert Horning 00:20, September 17, 2009 (UTC)
I must say, you've done an amazing job. Quest.png Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 11:51, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Using Cooking Guild Bank[edit source]

Some anonymous user changed the information for the Air rune training to be from the West Varrock bank to the Cooking Guild bank.

Ignoring for the moment that you also have to complete all of the hard difficulty tasks for the Varrock Achievement Diary and be wearing the Varrock armor in order to use this bank, it is also a member-only feature. This is not a task that free players can do. Pay attention to what this is: a guide to F2P runecrafting. I don't mind changes to this page, but use some common sense and don't inject member content into this guide. --Robert Horning 16:29, November 2, 2009 (UTC)

Similar layout as other guides?[edit source]

I have seen several guides using a 1-to-99 page layout, dsecribing certain strategies for certain levels. Currently this guide looks more like a skill information/reference page. Would it be a good idea to change the page, so that it runs through strategies for various levels, instead of strategies and information for various runes? 03:45, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

Agreed with The poster above me. This page doesn't seem like it would be very helpful to people training rcing. TyA

Frankly I'd like to see the other skill guides to get rid of the 1 to 99 skill level step by step guide... as if you are a bunch of mindless robots that can't figure out how to get things done on your own.
One of the problems with Runecrafting is that you can gain a whole bunch of levels very quickly early on, but it is a tough grind later one to the point that the only thing you really end up doing is earning money instead of experience. While there are ways to increase rates of experience (the Runecrafting guild and Fist of Guthix mini-game) it really doesn't matter too much past level 20 what specific kind of runes you are crafting and what matters more is the experience rate or rate of income.
Read though this article in detail, open up some of the money earning tables to check out the various ways of crafting runes and to examine what the costs involved are for each method. Do that and you will understand F2P runecrafting far more than simply asking for a hand-holding step by step guide.
Understand that the Grand Exchange prices also fluctuate and change for the various runes, and that one method of crafting runes may be better one week and another one better the next week... at least for prices and being able to profitably do the runecrafting. As this guide is tied into the Grand Exchange Market Watch, the prices will adjust from week to week, and for those who are serious about crafting runes can judge for themselves what is a more effective way to craft runes based on their current skill level and for personal goals they have in mind with the skill.
I'm also curious about what specific kinds of complaints there are about this guide, other than perhaps for a player barely starting out with the skill for the first time. That, I would admit, could use a little more work. --Robert Horning 21:29, May 7, 2010 (UTC)
It's not that they're robots, it's that if someone's already done all the work to figure out how many materials you need, or what's fastest at any given level, why do the research again? The 1-55 cluster in the fletching article, for example, is extremely useful, and saves ten or so minutes of work for anyone reading it.Aitamen 01:08, June 29, 2010 (UTC)
Then should we just rename them all the training pages XP Rate tables? TyA [Forgot to log-in]
Responding here again, what materials are needed for Runecrafting? Everything uses essence, and obtaining essence isn't really all that hard. Either buy it on the Grand Exchange, or mine it and bank it for later use. At level 50 you have some additional advantages with the Runecrafting Guild, but there isn't much other than a pure grind. Experience earned is per essence used, and what kind of rune you are making.... so there isn't really much of a point to figure out what is best for a given level. Getting to level 20 Runecrafting is relatively trivial to accomplish... and that is the highest level you need to be able to use all free to play alters. At that point it is pure profit motives in terms of which alter gives you the best return on investment, and perhaps what is better for experience.
Importantly, read the article and then offer criticisms and explain how you would crack this nut in terms of explaining what would be the "best" kind of rune to make for a level 47 player with 15m gold in the bank and wanting to power level Runecrafting? How would you rework that same "table" for a level 55 player who is broke? Experience and money earning rates are both listed for every route, and you can pick and choose your preferred training style based on the information presented. Are you going for experience, money, or trying to make a rough combination of the two? There is no one all-inclusive way to do Runecrafting that works for everybody, especially for F2P players. --Robert Horning 04:21, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

Earth Runes explorers ring experiment?[edit source]

How are they distinguishing between extra runes due to the explorer ring and the extra runes from the normal chance of extra runes (level based)?

One gives extra xp, one does not. The Lummy ring acts like an extra piece of essence, not just more runes. This is more noticeable at high levels, as you'll see jumps of more runes when the ring triggers two or three times in an inventory.
"On 4/30/10, an experiment of a level 30 runecrafter showed 700 rune essence to yield 1558 earth runes when using the explorer ring, adding 158 extra earth runes, or about an extra 6 runes per trip. However, the same experiment by the same player at level 47 showed 700 rune essence to yield 1840 earth runes when using the explorer ring, adding 440 extra earth runes, or about an extra 17 runes per trip! The conclusion to this is that the additional runes created by the explorer ring is level based, the higher the level, the higher average extra runes."
The experiment was based on runes yield, not XP yield. You also get more runes due to the multiple runes update. The extra runes arnt just down to the explorers ring.
"As of today(17th Nov 09), crafting multiple runes out of one essence has changed for the better. Before, you would only gain the ability to craft an extra rune at specific Runecrafting levels (e.g. 2 air runes at level 11, 3 air runes at level 22, 4 at level 33, and so on). Now, there is a ‘chance’ of getting an extra rune on ‘some’ of your essences if you are between those set levels, with that chance increasing as your level increases (e.g. at Runecrafting levels 12-21, you will gain 2 or 3 air runes per essence). If you want to imagine it visually, what used to be a step graph has been smoothed out into a curve"
In conclusion, you have a higher chance of extra runes, the higher the level you are, without the explorers ring being a factor. Its a flawed experiment, just basing it on runes yield, without a control.

Explorers Ring effect[edit source]

I have a max rc level and ive tried this on all elemental runes except fires(i refuse to make fire runes) the additional experience you receive from the explorers ring is the base xp you would get from one essence crafted for every additional rune you due to the effect of the ring it self (for example you get 6 experence per ess at the water altar, every additional water you get due to the effect from the explorers ring will count as 6 additional experence added to it) the ring's effect does not affect the fist of guthix gloves in anyway.

Dunegeoneering[edit source]

I think the best way to level up RC, at the cost of gaining no cash, is by going into Daemonheim, selling as MANY things as POSSIBLE. Then, buy as many rune ess you can get. Once you do this, though the experience is slow, craft air runes. Then, sell them, and buy more rune essence. The slow xp is made up for in the fact that the more runes you make the more cash you get, so if you make 5x like me, you get more cash allowing you to continue. And the fact that it doesn't affect your gold from the rest of RuneScape. Dr j 26 00:10, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

I think imbuing staffs in daemonhelm is another good way to train runecrafting maybe (incase I got my math, which I'm bad at, right). Each staff gives around 5.5 to both magic and runecrafting.
Here is some calculations that maybe wrong/nobody may understand. 2 players have 50k to train runecrafting in daemonhelm.
crafting runes(player 1)
50000 coins/50 coins per rune essence
1000 rune essences/10 (only after 10 rune essences are used up is when exp is gained)
100 (from the line above)*1.5 exp per (around or so, probably a miniscule difference between each type)
150 exp earned from 50,000 coins

first round of crafting water staffs (player 2)
50000 coins/612 cost of staff
81 staffs bought*5.5 exp per
449 exp earned from 50,000 coins
(only half exp is gained than what is shown in the exp thing)

second round selling the staffs made in first round
81 staffs*165 staff sell price
13,165 coins/612 cost of staff
21 staffs bought*5.5 exp per
120 exp gained from 13,165 coins

around 570 exp from for player 2
only 150 for player 1
other normal amounts of coins a player could have at the end of a dungeon is 75k or even 100k
so a player could earn 855 exp(570+285) with 75k or 1140(570x2) exp with 100k.

I guess this is so-so exp since exp gained is like 2-3 normal trips to an altar. One thing I like about it is there isn't much running around and clicking maybe. I'll leave the amount of exp gained per hour to someone who knows how. This might be hard since I think the best time to do this is at the end of completing a dungeon, though to do this, I thought one could time it from when they purchase their first stack of staffs to final staff in the "final round" imbued. This isn't as fast as just purchasing the rune essence pouches or when imbuing the essences at the altar as you have to imbue each and every staff in their own animation. This might be a good way to train whatever other skilI after the dungeon boss was killed like cooking, though other materials are expensive. I was afraid of posting this incase this possibly good, yet previously unknown to the public/people who make changes to the game, way to get exp would be eliminated when it was found out. I even thought making the water staffs a bit too easy. Or not since I'm wrong somewhere/completely. Another thing I never thought about is what level people should consider/could be able to do this, maybe when they can imbue water staffs. A higher runecrafting level may make this process faster. Silverwilver 00:38, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

Zero Weight?[edit source]

Is it possible to achieve 0 weight whilst runecrafting in f2p?

Certainly. Using talisman and bringing 27 essence, and wear explorer's ring. It is speculated 0kg consume much less energy than 1kg. Rewlf2 03:28, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

Something wrong with the XP rates formula...[edit source]

If you do the calculations for all of the listed XP rates they're off by a lot. For example, it's listed that the travel time from Varrock West to the air altar is 75 seconds; hence the rate without gloves should only be 6720, while it's listed at 7560. As far as I'm concerned this is only a problem with air runes.

Altar - Air altar
Nearest Bank - Varrock west bank
Travel Time - 75 seconds
Requirements - None
Exp per hour - 7560 xp/hr
15120 xp/hr (with gloves)

F2P maximum profit/hr level chart[edit source]

Correct as of today using the listed data:

Rune ess: 48 gp
Air rune: 10 gp   / 7.5k xp/h
Water rune: 38 gp / 6.4k xp/h
Earth rune: 38 gp / 8.2k xp/h

F2P Runecrafting:
	Maximum profit/hr:
		Lv 1 - Lv 5        78 x Air   (1:1) (+390 xp)   (-2.96k gp) // Approx. 5 minutes
		Lv 5 - Lv19       598 x Water (1:1) (+3.59k xp) (-5.98k gp) // Approx. 40 minutes
		Lv19 - Lv26       794 x Water (2:1) (+4.76k xp) (+22.2k gp) // Approx. 1 hour
		Lv26 - Lv38     3,334 x Earth (2:1) (+21.7k xp) (+93.3k gp) // Approx 2.5 hours
		Lv38 - Lv52    15,542 x Water (3:1) (+93.2k xp) (+1.02m gp) // Approx 15 hours
		Lv52 - Lv57    12,245 x Earth (3:1) (+79.6k xp) (+808k gp)  // Approx 10 hours
		Lv57 - Lv76   188,865 x Water (4:1) (+1.13m xp) (+19.6m gp) // Approx 180 hours
		Lv76 - Lv95 1,239,186 x Water (5:1) (+7.44m xp) (+175m gp)  // Approx 1200 hours
		Lv95 - Lv99   710,479 x Water (6:1) (+4.26m xp) (+128m gp)  // Approx 600 hours

		Lv99 Total: 
			2.1m essence, 75k runs (77.8k runs with 27 ess/run)
			101m investment, 425.5m return
			(+13.0m xp) (+324.5m gp) (Approx. 2000 hours)

For maximum exp you should obviously just choose the method with the best xp/hour available to you.

Water Runes- Al Kharid[edit source]

I think a section on using the Al Kharid bank to craft water runes should be added; with the recent addition of the bridge by the Fremenik ship it seems to be much quicker.

Ring of Kinship (water altar)[edit source]

Wouldn't a fast way to travel to the water altar be to use the ring of kinship from the altar then tele back to lumbridge?

Wrong XP per hour[edit source]

I'm really not agreeing with these numbers and i think they should be looked into

i've been f2p runecrafting for about a month now and have gained about 40 levels doing earths and waters.

however the most XP per hour i've ever been able to get is around 5800xp for earth runes compared the 8000 that this article suggests by the exact same methods. I'm putting this down to either someone with 99 runecrafting writing this article or someone in p2p using pouches.

So you're wearing the explorer's ring and have low/no lag, have near-perfect bank times, no input lag, and are resting optimally? Higher rc doesn't change the amount of xp you get, just how many runes you get, and if you were using pouches for earth runes, I'd think you'd get a lot more than 8kxp/h (even before all the other benefits, like weight reducing clothing, run energy food, etc.). It's a bit random because of the explorer's ring, but I know I've gotten 6500 in an hour in f2p running earths before, and i know I made mistakes because of the mouse I was using at the time. Could it be hardware/bandwidth/lag causing the descrepency? The rate doesn't state that the ring is worn, but the numbers might've been found with it on assuming anyone who wants good xp/h is going to get all possible bonuses? Just suggestions/curiosities...Aitamen 03:36, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

Fastest way to gain runecrafting experience.[edit source]

Body tiara+talisman, body altar tele, and dunge ring tele. 50-70k/hour.

This requires you to play GOP a lot. Which shouldn't be too hard given that it's one of the awesomest things in life. I got 1.6M GOP tokens as a side product of playing this because it was fun.

If you have someone running for you, they can bring the body tiara+talis to altar for you. This gets you from 1 to 50 rc in approx an hour (you can craft any tiaras from level 1) costing 1m gp. I done this a couple of times, and you can't have more than 2 people running. It'll be an inefficient pile-up as body tiara crafting takes time each inv. This method, however, is only possible if you're nice and have the connections within gop guild.

- Dude

Fire Altar factual correction[edit source]

Hey guys, I was using this guide to base my runecraft leveling, and for the vanilla F2P of crafting runes from GE-bought essence (without gloves), the Earth Altar was advertised as the fastest means of gaining EXP. However, after realizing the Fire Altar summary omited the extremely helpful shortcut of using the Al Kharid lodestone to bank after crafting, I experimented with this method and found it to be superior for a F2P not utilizing equipment outside of a fire tiara and explorer's ring.

Utilization of the Al Kharid lodestone not only reduces nearly half the distance needed to travel in exchange for the short teleport wait time, but also reduces the amount of energy expended per trip to between 50-55%. The shorter travel distance and reduced need for resting time reduces the overall time of each trip from the 110 seconds previously listed to just under 80 seconds. As you can imagine, this drastically increases the potential EXP/hour to a measure of approximately 10k/hour, easily the highest altar for this method of training. This testing was conducted from runecrafting levels 30 to 50, for approximately 70k experience/7 hours. Hope you guys like the revision! :)




Alright, this really needs to be updated with the runespan. Seriously, 100% out of date.

What if Luigi had found the omnitrix? 11:58, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

Air altar route[edit source]

Now we have Well of Goodwill at south of Grand Exchange and can use it as a bank. So it is best route without using teletabs. It require only some 50 sec per a lap.

By the way there are considerable number of bots running from Varrock lodestone to the altar. They then Home-tele to Burthorpe, run to bank booth then again Home-tele to Varrock lodestone. It takes more than 1 min and 40 sec. Those are currently the only known group of bots running by same macro beside goldfarmer bots in GE or Lumbridge.castle. --Ypacaraí (talk) 22:25, May 5, 2014 (UTC)

Update to the guide (August 2015)[edit source]

Placing this message here to explain the updates I've just made to this page.


Node XP rates (at 99 RC):

Node Level XP/time measured Equivalent XP/hr
Fleshy growth 20 16628/10m 45s 92807
Fire storm 27 14918/10m 45s 83263
Vine 17 13932/10m 15s 81553
Fireball 14 12937/10m 30s 73927
Rock fragment 9 11704/10m 15s 68511
Water pool 5 11282/10m 30s 64469
Mindstorm 1 9404/10m 56424
Cyclone 1 9523/10m 15s 55744

XP rates:

When I was getting XP rates for nodes I tried to keep track of what islands each type of node tended to spawn on. When getting XP rates from actual training I used combinations of islands where I thought the best possible nodes tended to spawn frequently. There maybe better islands to use than the ones mentioned in the guide.

Lower level:

  • Level 1-9 (using island 1) - 974/3.5m = 16697
  • 9-16 (using island 16) - 1742/4m = 26130
  • 16-20 (" ") - 1737/3m 45s = 27792
  • 20-25 (" ") - 3370/7m 45s = 26090
  • 25-30 (" ") - 5527/12m 15s = 27071
  • 30-33 (" ") - 4853/10m 15s = 28408
  • 15-25 (using island 1) - 5265/14m 15s = 21747
  • 15-25 (using island 16) - 5166/12m 15s = 25303
  • 25-33 (" ") - 10414/22.5m = 27771

Middle level:

  • 33-35 (using island 16 on lower level) - 4148/.8.5m = 29280
  • 33-35 (using island 5/6 on middle level) - 4064/6m 45s = 36124
  • 35-40 (using island 5/6) - 14887/24m 15s = 36834
  • 99 - (" ") - 26759/30m = 53518


At level 99 experience from siphoning each layer:

  • Air layer: 1159/1m15s -- 1427/1m 30s
  • Mind: 1600/1m 45s -- 1580/1m 45s
  • Water: 1852/1m 45s -- 2080/1m 45s
  • Earth: 1983/1m 45s -- 2175/2m (+445 dust)
  • Fire: 1264/1m -- 2948/2m 15s (+508 dust)
  • Body: 3153/2m

According to the pages on the runesphere & rune dust pages at the time of writing this, f2p players can siphon from runesphere but rune dust is members only. Because most xp from participating in runespheres appears to come from handing in dust I've not added information about runespheres to the page. However it may be worth it from f2p players to siphon from runespheres anyway because of lower xp/rates from regular training. If this is the case then information about runespheres should be added to the training guide.

Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 14:55, August 29, 2015 (UTC)

Historical methods section request[edit source]

All this research and work went into figuring out optimal altar routes, profit, xp rates and stuff. It was amazing. And now everything you all have worked for over years is completely wiped away because of stupid runespan? How about preserving some of the best methods as they were, before runespan came along and "streamlined" the various training methods into a single no brainer solution. I came here looking for tips as I have to manually craft lots of body runes for daily challenge. Found nothing. Until I went back in time to the 2011 version of the page. 3ICE (talk) 21:36, July 29, 2017 (UTC)