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This talk page is for discussing the Free-to-play Firemaking training/Locations page.

Merging Firemaking locations guide with Firemaking training[edit source]

Untitled[edit source]

Support - It's better to merge it rather than to have a separate page.

OK - I think's it is a good idea. Maybe it's better if you make a subpage, eg. Firemaking guide/Locations -Sky-[talk|sign]

Weak support - Sure, It would be better in the article of firemaking training, but where would it go? Even If we split it f2p/p2p between the articles, I dont see much room for it, and we can't shorten it, as it's a very good article in it's own right. Golden warpriest of Zamorak helm.png Wingcap Firemaking master cape.png 22:35, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

Daemonheim Woodcutting Island[edit source]

Should be added to the article. I'm not a good writer but someone should do it :D Thanks... --Scykei 13:03, July 23, 2010 (UTC)