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Since the EoC came in, there are few hard and fast rules in terms of equipment, other than that a melee approach should heavily emphasize Slash weapons. Fire giants will range at a distance, so that would seem to make Maging them much more difficult. When surrounded by multiple giants, a 2H slashing weapon can be used with the Whirlwind ability, doing hefty damage to multiple targets. (You have your choice of such; godswords, 2H metal swords, etc.)

I personally find weapon-switching handy, so I prefer whip, EE, DFS, and either a D2H or BGS. All are relatively cheap in comparison to more premium weapons, and can even be taken to the Chaos tunnels through the Zammy cult shortcut. (Head north and west until you reach the Moss giants.) OneEyedGnome 00:20, November 27, 2012 (UTC)