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Starved ancient effigy[edit source]

They drop them, proof:

Some stuff that may need help in verification[edit source]

First, I'm fairly positive that there are no level 34 fire elementals. I haven't fought in the other two areas, but the ones in the elemental workshop are level 35. I'm fairly positive based on the fact that the article says that the level 35 versions can be found outside of the workshop.

Second, and this applies to all of the elementals (and I will probably need help verification), they drop their respective staff and I've, on more than one occasion, picked up key halves from all of them (Due to an update, I have found out that this is because of the Rare Drop Table). But, like I said, that may need a bit more verification since that was a couple of years ago.

Third, also applies to all elementals, the drop of their specific elemental rune is always 15 or 20. I've never seen 10 or any other number that falls in between.

I'm working to help verify most of the information I just stated, and will post updates. KurosakisTwin 06:30, January 7, 2011 (UTC) (edited by KurosakisTwin 20:18, September 5, 2011 (UTC))