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Untitled[edit source]

This may sound crazy, but anyone tried casting it on a compost mound familiar, both before and after using buckets on it (to reduce its health). Would be interesting if fertile soil could replenish/heal it! Jimwormmaster 08:32, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

REGULAR Compost might be better??[edit source]

I did several herb runs lately with fertile soil. In a sample of like 3 runs, had a total of around 5 dead herbs (so 12 patches total. was not doing HH patches and obvious trollheim doesn't count). Usually won't have any deaths, but there's the occasional 1 death every 3-4 runs. Was not using particularly high herb seeds either. Would anyone using fertile soil on their farming runs be so kind as to record the number of herbs they have die over the course of, maybe, 10 runs? Godel 03:05, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

Base experience calculator doesn't work, shows NaN when the "XPEach" input box is changed[edit source]

The javascript code behind it expects a number (87) but we gave it a string ("87+18 Farming xp").

I made a more technical post that proposes a solution to this problem, here: Template talk:Infobox spell#Base experience calculator needs fancier javascript to handle the "x amount of magic xp (+y xp in some other skill)" format

Sincerely, 3ICE (talk) 19:21, October 4, 2012 (UTC)