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XP per kill is incorrect[edit source]

I am unable to edit the experience gained for this monster...791 is the correct ammount of XP gained per kill though the consitution xp is correct as shown (total xp is 1053). - MickeyHenesy

Edit: I have now killed 84 of these monsters and will continue to update the loot logs as well as verify the xp for these. Also, of those 84 kills, coins have only dropped once - and with a ROW on - giving 423 coins.

dragon med helm[edit source]

there are 2, one being on it's own list and one on the rare drop table. Is it the same one, in which case the one on it's list should be deleted. and If it isn't, maybe add it to trivia? Qazwsx753421 01:22, August 31, 2011 (UTC)