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Coins amounts[edit source]

Granted, it was always pointless, and it ended up in vain (due to the intent of changing the pickpocketing loot tables again), but at least I kept busy for a while logging the coin amounts I received from pickpocketing all the workers. I logged each clan's loot five times (from a fresh start, to being caught 3 times), once with the voice and once without the voice active in that district.
If anyone cares enough to get the raw data, leave a message on my talk page.

Some observations based on my data:

  • I see no significant increase in success rate. For each group of 5 pickpocketing sprees for one clan, I logged between 700 and 850 (one outlier at 896, Crwys no voice) pickpockets. (At 99 Thieving, and wearing the Ardougne cape 4.)
  • The minimum coin amount is indeed 150 for all clans, and the maximum is 315.
  • Neither the voice nor the specific clan impacts the average amount of coins received, in all cases the average number of coins received per pickpocket ranged between 231 and 237. If each amount was equally likely, the expected average value would be (150+315)/2 = 232.5.

I guess there is little point in logging the other actual loot at this time, as it is bound to change semi-soon. I might keep track of the number of pickpockets between strikes (when I log other loot, later on), to confirm/bust that strikes 2 and 3 are more easily 'earned' than the first. IP83.101.44.209 (talk) 08:32, November 22, 2014 (UTC)