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This talk page is for discussing the Elf warrior page.

Images[edit source]

I Think, there should be images of both types of elf warriors, because there is already examines and combat levels for both. Quest point cape detail.pngRuneueins Talk # Quest point hood.png 07:37, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

Drops[edit source]

The drops of both types of elf warriors are totally different. There should be two different pages or drop lists. {{Signatures/Slyfox1972}, 10:74, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

Agreed. Lletya warriors rarely drop food, as one such example. Dsctatom 06:09, October 18, 2009 (UTC)

weakness[edit source]

i believe elf warriors are weak against slash

Sharks[edit source]

A fine contributor has changed the rarity of Sharks (as a drop) from uncommon to common. I've no experience with Elf warriors, but if someone with a large sample size (3000+) could give their opinion (or numbers) on sharks, that'd be great =) Ablm578Talk 17:08, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

Uncut Dragon Stone dropped for me on my 5th kill along with bones. Someone who can edit this add that to the list. Dropped from the spear 108. Don't have sample large enough to put in % but if we already have 10k then that is 1 in 10k.

Someone needs to edit the Teleport Crystal (1) drop to Tiny Elf Crystal. I seem to be too stupid to do that ^^

Strategy[edit source]

93 Defence + 314 Stab Defence Bonus + Bunyip = no genuine need for food or protection praying when only attacking Level 108 Elf warriors. Bring 5-10 food (or Soul Split) in case of emergency.

invention and item XP[edit source]

this has not been updated since invention came out, the 2h item xp is 15.6 for the level 84s and 19.2 for the lvl 89 rangers. can somebody who is active/knows wiki formatting update the creature box to show this info? thanks!! 23:56, July 1, 2016 (UTC)

That requires changing the infobox, which is an active project. MolMan 00:30, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

Farming seeds[edit source]

I'm at almost 2k kills for the elf warriors in Lletya and have yet to receive any farming seeds. Can anyone confirm that they drop them? Is it possible that only the elf warriors in the elf camp drop them in place of the teleport seeds? Law rune.png Samberen Nature rune.png 20:11, January 15, 2017 (UTC)