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This talk page is for discussing the Easter ring page.

Ring or ring[edit source]

Easter Ring or Easter ring? I'd guess Ring over ring but I'm not sure, y'see. So someone else can do it. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 18:25, 8 September 2006 (UTC)

I'd have to say it should be Easter Ring, because ring is part of the actual name. Aeiou Y5 18:34, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
This was actually sorted a while back (see the datestamp). We use sentence case, not title case. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 18:35, 20 January 2007 (UTC)

coolness[edit source]

THis ring's pretty cool. I saw two people usin it in Varrock. Qwertyui606 20:00, 6 January 2007 (UTC)

What's that gotta do with the article? Emosworld 09:37, 9 June 2007 (UTC)

useless item?[edit source]

So are we classing this item as "useless" just because it doesn't give bonuses or stuff? Okay, then I guess all the party hats are "useless" too, and jewelery that isn't enchanted is "useless" as well, etc. -- Atlantima talk trade contribs

This isn't "useless," it cures poison. Liferune.pngbufar(talk)Death rune.png 00:04, 8 June 2008 (UTC)
Correct. This nisn't useless. A useless item is when it does absolutely nothing except sit there and look pretty, like this. This can be worn. Chicken7 >talk 01:29, 8 June 2008 (UTC)

Emote Glitches[edit source]

When the ring is worn guickly before or after an emote is activated, many emotes will play while the player is an egg. It is only emotes that create objects, such as the bats in the "trick" emote, and the meat and pie in the cooking emote that will be displayed, however. Also, if you walk one square in any (including diagonal) direction, you 'teleport' to that square (does not work through obstacles). Perhaps video of these should be included?Mjc3 01:50, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

Easter Ring and Cannons[edit source]

A few months back, I saw some guy turn into a ring, and he seemed to shoot himself out of his cannon, probably a glitch or faked but pretty sure it was real. Anyone else seen this? --Crocodiles4 20:12, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

well[edit source]

well its not useless. its an accesory and people respect your devotion and elderness to runescape and get a good laugh out of it too

permanite loss[edit source]

i got the ring durning the event and i am not able to get another, this has happened to multiple people. any help?

This has happened to me as well! From what I've heard it's from not fully completing the event which I think is bogas.. I want my ring :c

Unfortunately for me, I have this issue as well. It's so bogus!

pray drain[edit source]

doesnt stop pray drain for me.............

ducks?[edit source]

hi, can someone confirm that this ring can be obtained by killing 10,000 ducks? i would do this for an easter ring, however, i don't want to waste 10k+ arrows on a possibly faked 'fact'.

I don't think it's true, so I've removed the paragraph. --Iiii I I I 14:46, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

Removal of several documented glitches.[edit source]

Don't know why someone came along and removed quite a few of the documented glitches. Just because you were not around to see or do them yourself does not mean they did not happen. The one in particular about being able to slide through barriers such as walls or fences was real. Frost Prime (talk) 16:18, February 19, 2016 (UTC)

It's more that they're not noteworthy. It's a minor graphical bug; there are tons of those. MolMan 16:21, February 19, 2016 (UTC)