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Untitled[edit source]

This page should mention where the Jungle / Feldip eagles are! I've spent quite a bit of time looking for this "foot of the mountain" area with a young vine... Where is it!!!

Eagle Transport System[edit source]

In the Feldip jungle there is a horseshoe shaped lake popular with Red Chinchompa hunters. At the West edge of the lake is a hut. Just North of the hut, turn west and walk a short distance to the cave entrance, the young vine is just below the entrance. You must use a stick of some kind (teasing stick, etc.) with the small vine to access the cave and use the Eagle Transport system.

To use the Feldip eagles, you must climb the rockslide then enter the cave. Walk South in the west side edge of the maze to the bottom. Enter the door then walk east to the 4 eagles. Use a rope on the eagle you wish to fly with, there are 5 there.